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Dear GUSS’ members,

By following the due election process outlined in the constitution of Ghana Union Stor-Stockholm, GUSS, the electoral committee by the powers invested in it by GUSS’s constitution, officially declare the under listed members as the elected officers of GUSS in its February – March 2021 elections.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, GUSS reached an agreement at its general meeting on 31st January 2021 to digitally conduct the 2021 elections. Subsequently, the nominations were discussed at GUSS’ general meeting on 28th February 2021. Voting started at about 17:00 on 28/02/2021 and ended at about 23:59 on 01/03/2021.

The electoral committed would kindly receive any concerns regarding the elections for redress within a period of twenty-four (24) after this publication.

The electoral committee is very much obliged to all those who contributed to making GUSS’ 2021 elections a success. Congratulations to GUSS and good luck to all the elected officers.

Ilyas B. Alhassan (Iba) & Jawad Mohammed Halidu

Elected Officers, Ghana Union Stor-Stockholm (GUSS) 2021-22

1. President: Dechor Hein
2. Vice president: Zaccheus Idun
3. Secretary: Ilyas B. Alhassan
4. Vice secretary: Eunice Fenteng
5. Treasurer: Mydasi Wuro
6. Vice treasurer: Nii Mensah
7. Organising Secretary: Shafiwu Ninche
8. Vice organising secretary: J.M. Halidu
9. Women organiser: Georgina Kumi
10. Vice women organiser: Mary Roslyn
11. Auditor: Baba Nabigah
12. Cultural secretary: Vacant

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