Miscellaneous news, March 2021
Ghana - Friday and Monday declared public holidays: A statement issued by the Ministry of Interior has informed Ghanaians that Good Friday falling on April 2nd, and Easter Monday on April 5th will be observed as statutory public holidays. Ghanaians will have four days free from work this weekend. It is customary for Ghanaians to go out on picnic on Easter Monday. But the Covid pandemic is likely to dampen this favourite activity.
GUSS swears in new executive: Members of the new executive of the Ghana Union in Stockholm were sworn in at an online ceremony on Sunday, 28th March. It was the first of its kind in the history of the union. Members took the oath of office from their homes repeating after Kofi Sapathy before whom the oath was sworn. The new executive will be in power for two years and was urged by members to deliver on their promises.
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