Ghana Embassy in Denmark conducts Mobile Consular Service in Stockholm

It is now becoming a regular feature – the mobile Consular service rendered to Ghanaians by the Embassy in Denmark. This year, like before, the exercise covered Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm. The Stockholm bit took place over the weekend of May 14 to 16. It was so well patronised that the organisers had to limit the number of applicants for the various services. There were applicants from as far away as Umeå, Luleå, Västerås, and Uppsala who came down to Stockholm for the exercise.

Four persons from the embassy were at hand to conduct the exercise. They were ably aided by the local organisers. Because of the Covid restrictions, applicants were scheduled to appear at spaced out intervals throughout the day. All the Covid restrictions were followed during the entire exercise. Each day started very early in the morning and ended late in the night because of the huge numbers. The services provided were the renewal and issuance of the new biometric passports, issuance of visas and the acceptance of applications for dual citizenship. The new passports will be issued from the Ghana Embassy in Berlin after each applicant’s documents are carefully checked by the Passport Office in Accra. This means the new passports will be received only after four weeks. Visas were issued on the same day. The Stockholm leg of the exercise was organised by the Ghana Council in Sweden from Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm. The council charged a registration fee of 300 kr per each applicant above the age of 18 to cover local logistics and other relevant costs. This is the second time the embassy in Denmark brought its consular services to Stockholm. The first time was in 2019. Given the overwhelming success of the exercise, a repeat performance is being planned before the end of the year.


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