Tribute to Adul Carimo So

By Stephen Atta Owusu

Stockholm is silent with uneasy calm. A sad surprise rent the calmness of the atmophere asunder. Thunder and lightening announced the sudden departure and demise of our dear brother, Adul. Untimely death indeed! At 61 he could not make 70 years target God set for us on this earth where millions die insignificant.

Adul if you are struggling in your grave wondering if you had any friends who loved you, I want to assure you, stay calm and peaceful in your grave for there are thousands of your friends who are weeping. Born in Guinea Bissau, he spent most of his youthful life in Stockholm. He later moved to the USA.

I met him when we were all members of the African writers Association in Stockholm. He was one of the cogwheels around which the association evolved. He sowed a good seed which helped the seed of the writers association to germinate. Adul you will forever be remembered by all your friends and loved ones. A calm, patient and a passionate writer, your death reminds us that we came to this world with nothing and we shall leave with nothing.

May your soul rest in peace.

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