Adul Carimo So laid to rest

Burial took place on Thursday September 12th 2019 of Adul Carimo So who died in Stockholm after a protracted illness. He was 61. Adul was born in Guinea Bissau in West Africa. Final obsequies were performed at the Uppståndelsekapellet at Skogskyrkogården outside Stockholm in the presence of Adul's two sons Carimo and his younger brother Amilcar both in their twenties together with their mother Pascale. Also present were Adul's two sisters who travelled respectively from Guinea Bissau and Portugal as well as friends and mourners mostly from among the African diaspora in Stockholm and elsewhere in Sweden.

Together with African writer colleagues Adul founded the Association of African Writers in Sweden which was active in Stockholm in the 1990s. Other members of the Association were the late writer Papa Jeng (Gambia), poet Kiluanji Kush (Angola), writer Stephen Owusu (Ghana) and writer and physician Dr. Blyden Noah (Sierra Leone).

Adul will be remembered for his contribution to African intellectual and cultural life in Sweden. He was a writer and poet who read poems to the delight of mixed audiences of African, Swedish and other nationals. Children were a special group he loved to gather and entertain with his great storytelling skills. He read for them and told them stories from his native Fulani folklore.

The years of armed struggle by his country Guinea Bissau against Potuguese oppression and colonialism kindled his interest in social affairs and in world politics particularly in African politics. Adul was an active participant in activities led by the African community in Stockholm and a frequent participant in such political and cultural gatherings including those arranged by the Ghana Union.

African political and cultural life in Sweden is all the poorer without him. Adul Carimo So will be missed for a long, long time.

Anthony Turkson, Stockholm, Sept. 2019

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