Miscellaneous news, May 2019
Ingrid Awuku laid to rest: Final obsequies for the late Ingrid Awuku who died on March 22 took place on Thursday April 11 at S:t Ansgardskapellet in Stockholm. She was 87. Officiating was Pastor Monica Torsson Sivberg. Ingrid was spouse to Kwame Awuku who passed away well over a decade ago also in Stockholm. Present at the service were Ingrid's and Kwame's children Kwesi, Kofi and Efuwa and their children as well as Kwame's younger brother Frank Awuku who was accompanied by one of his two daughters Rebecca. Present also was a respectable number of mourners large enough to fill the small, well-decorated chapel. They included the following members of the Ghanaian community in Stockholm: Clementina Mensah, Enoch Ablorh, Anthony Turkson and David Quartey. After the church service mourners gathered together for light refreshments.
Bank of Ghana to issue upgraded banknotes: The Bank of Ghana will issue upgraded banknotes into circulation on May 6, 2019. The upgraded banknotes will have enhanced security features in line with evolving changes in the technological landscape. The new banknotes also come with improved durability and machine readability. The enhanced security features include Optically Variable Magnetic Image, New Enhanced Security Thread, More Prominent Watermark, and Enhanced Iridescent Band at the Back of the Banknote The bank says the upgraded and the existing series of banknotes will co-circulate and entreats the public to KNOW THE CEDI AND KEEP IT CLEAN.
Belgium apologises for mixed-race kidnappings in colonial era: Belgian PM Charles Michel has apologised for the kidnapping of thousands of children born to mixed-race couples during the colonial rule of Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda. The "métis" children born to Belgian settlers and local women were forcibly taken to Belgium and fostered by Catholic orders and other institutions. About 20,000 children are believed to have been affected. Speaking in the Belgian parliament, Mr Michel said the country had breached the children's basic human rights. Read the rest on BBC online...
Körkort som id-handling kan slopas: Körkort ska slopas som id-handling och polisen ska ramöver utfärda id-kort. Det föreslår regeringens utredare. Tanken är att det ska hjälpa polisen att förhindra id-bedrägerier. Det nya id-kortet ska införas 2022 och ersätta de 13 olika varianter som i dag utfärdas av olika aktörer. Körkorten duger inte eftersom de inte är tillräckligt säkra, enligt regeringens id-kortsutredning. Framtidens id-kort ska ha ansiktsbild och fingeravtryck, och ska kunna kopp las till en statlig e-legitimation.
Ghana embassy in Köpenhamn to issue visas, passports in Malmö: The Ghana embassy in Denmark will carry out mobile consular services in Malmö, Sweden on Friday 31st May and Saturday 1st June, 2019. During the exercise, individuals can apply for Ghana passport, dual citizenship, authentication of documents and visa. Visas will be processed and issued immediately. Passports will be processed and issued a week after the exercise. Dual citizenship duration will depend on the Ministry of Interior in Accra. Authentication of documents will be issued immediately. The dates and times are: Friday 31st May from 16:00 to 20:00 and Saturday, 1st June from 08:00 to 16:00. The venue for each day will be: Framtidens Hus Lindängen centrum, Lindängsplan 3. Buses 2, 8, 31 33.

Anyone who wants to take part in the exercise should register with the secretary on 0704689854 or the chairperson on 0735106288 before 26th May 2019.

Efforts are being made to extend the exercise to Stockholm in the future. If you are in a hurry, you know where to head...
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