Miscellaneous news, June 2019
Asylum seekers - government relaxes rules on family reunions: Riksdagen has relaxed rules for family reunions of asylum seekers who come from Syria. M and SD voted against the new rules. The two opposition parties also voted against the continuation of the so called "gymnasielagen" which allows unaccompanied young asylum seekers to stay in the country and finish their studies. At the same time, the rules that say temporary, and not permanent, stay permits should apply to those who are allowed to stay have been extended. Only V wanted a less strick asylum rules.
New report talks of record numbers of asylum seekers worldwide: A new UNHCR study reports that 70 million persons, half of whom are children, are seeking asylum. The number of asylum seekers worldwide increased by 2.3 million persons in 2018. The total number of asylum seekers has doubled in the past 20 years. Many of these are internal asylum seekers. Four persons out of five seeking asylum do so in a country that borders their own. Armed conflict in only five countries is responsible for more than two-thirds of the world's asylum seekers. The countries harbouring the greatest numbers of asylum seekers are: Turkey (3.7 million), Pakistan (1.4 million), Uganda (1.3 million), Sudan and Germany (1.1 million each).
Congo's embassy in Stockholm faces eviction: The embassy of the Republic of Congo has been several years behind in payment of rent on the embassy building. Now, the embassy's landlord, Probitas, says it has had enough. Propitas is asking a magistrate's court to slap eviction orders on the embassy. Propitas is also demanding 929,143 kr in unpaid rent for the 111 square meters property with garage and store room. The country's lawyers have written to the court explaining that it is all a misunderstanding due to language difficulties and has asked for a delay in payment of the debt.
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