GUSS grilfest, Vårby gård, Saturday, July 6th, 2019
  GUSS grilfest attracts many attendees: It saw one of the best attended bbqs organised by GUSS. And it happened last weekend at Vårby Park. It turned out to be quite a festival. GUSS provided the meat but other Ghanaian organisations in town joined together to contribute other items too. Friendship association came with jollof rice, Ga-Dagme brought kenkey which was so original that it tasted exactly like you would buy it in the morning in Bukom. Asantemankuo said they wouldn’t be done by and brought lots of fish – fish from the Ashanti forest. In the end, there was so much to eat by everybody that there was a lot left. Of course, the kenkey went first. The line for it was long and those who came late, asked for it but did not get some.

The increased number of Ghanaians in Stockholm was shown by the number of Ghanaian attendees. It was a festival atmosphere and there was dancing and drumming.

And, oh, vi hade också tur med värdret…
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