Miscellaneous news, September 2018
Friday was a public holiday in Ghana: Friday, 21st September, was Founder's Day in Ghana and a public holiday. Ghanaians are enjoying a long weekend and will not return to work until Monday, 24th September. The last public holiday enjoyed by Ghanaians was exactly a month ago - the celebration of Eidul-Adha which happened on the 21st of August.
Sverige bäst för global utveckling: Sverige är bäst i världen på att bidra till en positiv utveckling i världens utvecklingsländer, enligt en rapport från den amerikanska tankesmedjan CGD. Rapporten poängsätter årligen världens 27 rikaste länder utifrån deras påverkan inom sju områden, som bistånd och migration, rapporterar TT. Sverige petar ner Danmark till andra platsen tack vare starka poäng inom bistånd, miljö, handel och migration. Långt ner hamnar Sverige gällande säkerhet, vilket förklaras med vapen exporten till odemokratiska stater.
Pope advises prayer and psychiatric care to cure homosexuality in children: Pope Francis has recommended prayer and psychiatric help to parents with children who show homosexual tendencies. He made these remarks on his return from a two-day visit to Ireland, the first in 40 years of a pontif to this very Catholic country. The Pope recommends prayer in the first instance. "Do not condemn, have a dialogue," he says. He added that if the signs first appear in childhood, there is a lot that can be done with psychiatric help to see how things stand. According to him, it is a different thing if the signs are first seen after 20 years.
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