Miscellaneous news, June 2018
Ethiopia and Eritrea - peace at last: Ethiopia and Eritrea declared peace, ending a state of war that had lasted two decades. Ethiopia is to give back the town of Badme, whose disputed ownership was a cause of the war, and should gain access to Eritrea’s Red Sea ports. The deal has won plaudits for Ethiopia’s dynamic new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, whereas Eritrea’s ultra-repressive leader, Isaias Afwerki, may find it harder to keep his grip.
Police increase border patrols: The police will increase patrols within Sweden's borders starting from Monday. International airports like Arlanda and Landvetter will also be included in the checks. According to the police, the increased patrols are in response to government orders. The government has come to the conclusion that there is a threat to order and internal security in the country. The police say they want to be able to differentiate between genuine asylum seekers, economic migrants, potential terrorists and other criminals.
Val 2018 - SD:s invandringspolitik populär: Väljarnas viktigaste frågor är alltjämnt sjukvård, skola och invandring. Sistnämnda fortsätter att öka i betydelse, enligt en undersökning som opinionsföretaget Novus gjort. SD är det parti som väljarna anser har den bästa politiken i invandrings- och integrationspolitiken, med 36 procent av väljarnas stöd. För två månader sedan låg den siffran på 27 procent. Trots att S lyft frågan i sin val- strategi lyckas man inte öka sitt stöd. Bara 14 procent av väljarna anser att partiet har bäst politik jämfört med 16 proc under förra året.
FIFA World Cup - Nigeria too fail to make it: They needed a draw but lost 1-2 to Argentina to enable Messi's side scrape through to the knockout stage of the World Cup. Moses' penality cancelled an early goal by Messi but Marcos Rojo scored late in the game to send Nigeria out of the World Cup. The African teams have often conceded late goals in this tournament which is an indictiment on the African game many put to insufficient discipline.
Government to spend billions to fight segregation in Sweden: The government has announced long term plans to fight segregation in Sweden. The plan is to cover the years 2018 and 2028 and is aimed at strengthening the commune's own work in improving the socio-economic conditions of their deprived areas. 2.2 billion kronor will be distributed yearly to 32 communes that are the hardest hit by the problem. The communes that can apply for the funds were presented in March but the distribution of funds has now been made. This year, Stockholm will receive 51 million kr, Göteborg 33 million and Malmö 22 million. The plan has, however, been criticized by the opposition. "We have had enough of integration policies in this area which have all failed," says Elisabeth Svantesson, Moderaterna's spokesperson on economic and political affairs. According to her, the biggest problem is that there have been too little demands on older immigrants to learn Swedish and the government has not seen to it that the police enforce law and order in society. Svantesson will not reveal if the support will be withdrawn if the opposition wins power in this year's general elections taking place in the autumn.
FIFA World Cup - Morocco lose to Portugal: Morocco lost by the odd goal from a Ronaldo header early in the game to continue Africa's poor performance in Russia. Morocco played up and created several chances but poor finishing meant they now have no chance of going further from the group stage. This is Morocco's fourth World Cup appearance and they have never made it into the knockout stage. Their last game will be against in-form Spain. Uruguay's 1-0 victory over Saudi Arabia means both the Saudi and the Egyptians, with no points from two games each, are out of the competition.
FIFA World Cup - Senegal beats Poland but Egypt loses again: Senegal beat Poland 2-1 to give Africa its first victory in the ongoing games. But Egypt lost its second game 3-1 against hosts, Russia, who therby qualify for the knockout stages. Egypt is most probably out of the tournament but they have a last group game again Saudi Arabia who play their secon game tomorrow.
FIFA World Cup - Africa makes poor start to the games: Three losses in three games mean African teams have made a very poor start to this year's FIFA World Cup in Russia. Egypt lost by a last minute goal scored from a set piece to Uruguay and Morocco went down by the same margin to Iran when defender, Aziz Bouhaddouz, headed into his own net deep into stoppage time. Nigeria conceded an own goal and a penalty in their game 2-0 loss to Croatia. The Africans are yet to score a goal in this tournament and yet to win a point. But it is still early days. Tunisia take on England on Monday and Senegal face Poland on Tuesday to complete the African first group games. There are still chances for the Africans to qualify from the group stage.
Kingsley Sarfo gets two years in prison: Ghanaian born footballer, Kingsley Sarfo who plays for Malmö FF, was on Friday sentenced to two years and eight months in prison after having been found guilty in two cases of child rape. Sarfo will be repatriated from Sweden after serving his sentence. Daniel Andersson, Malmö's sports chief and current coach, has now commented on the case. "It is a tragic happening for all involved and something that has affected us negatively. Now that judgment has been given, we can go on," says Andersson. He added that the ball is now in the court of the club's directors who will decide if Sarfo will play for MFF again. The team's management has announced that it has decided to end Sarfo's contract with the team.
Norway bans burka and niqab in classrooms: Norway has banned all clothing that fully or partly covers the face in a teaching environment. It will be illegal in the future to wear dresses like burka or niqab in the classroom. A large majority in stortinget (the Norwegian parliament) voted for the new law. The new rule applies to both teachers and students. Arbeiderpartiet and Socialdemokraterna had wanted the rule to extend even outside the classroom. Last week, the Danish parliament (folketing) passed a law forbbiding the wearing of burka and niqab.
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