Why birds have no teeth

Hello dear children.

Do you know why Birds have no teeth?

We all know that birds, like fowls, doves, ducks and many others have no teeth. Have you ever asked your parents about this? If not then I will tell you why.

Many years ago, all birds had teeth like any other animal on earth. At the time, God constructed a special yard in which all birds were kept. The yard was extremely large. There were beautiful flowers and several fruits in the yard. To prevent thieves from entering the yard to steal the birds and the fruit, God built a thick and very strong wall around the entire yard.

God allowed only one maid to enter and cater for the birds. The maid was very beautiful, serviceable and intelligent and carried out her work without any troubles.

One day when the maid went to the corn miller to grind the poultry feed for the birds the mill was under repair. She was compelled to wait until the machine was repaired. After waiting for several hours, many more people had come. But she was determined to get the feed for the birds so she decided to continue waiting. The long wait caused the birds to be hungry. The longer she waited, the hungrier the birds became.

When she finally got to her turn and she had her corn turn into feed, she rushed quickly to feed the hungry birds. At the yard, she poured down all the feed for the birds. The birds quickly ate all the feed but they were still not satisfied. They had been hungry for too long. To the surprise of the maid, one of the birds which had very strong and sharp teeth grabbed her right hand. This bird was like an eagle with its strong beaks and powerful long nails. The maid servant went home crying since her right hand had been eaten by the strong bird. God heard her cry and went to her aid. To console her, God touched the servant's right hand and the missing hand was replaced. God then went to the yard and gathered all the birds and told them that from that time onwards, they would no longer have teeth. Immediately, all the birds lost their teeth. They never grew their teeth back.

This is the reason why birds have no teeth.

So, children please, it is important to be patient at all times. Patience moves mountains.

Grandpa Enoch

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