Tribute to our beloved Mr Suberu Salam
By Gadangme Union, Stockholm

Farewell big brother, farewell Suberu! We are saddened by your departure.

Suberu, to those who didn’t know him, was one of the shimmering stars of Africa, Ghana and GaDangme community. When he was not entirely happy about something, he voiced it out and by so doing brought the best in everything. Suberu was an advocate for change and improvement. He was always focused on the positiveness and encouraged the GaDangme community with constructive criticism.

He was an active member of the GaDangme Association of Stockholm and the GaDangme community in the diaspora. He was a staunch listener and contributor to the GaDangme Diaspora Radio station. His paramount interest in GaDangme always remained the well-being of our community.

He was an ambassador for the ideals of hospitality, socialising, education and culture.

Suberu, you will never be forgotten! Your memory will remain with us as a huge source of inspiration towards uniting our people. Birth is not a diagnosis to death, but is an end of life. You will be missed.

Suberu, Rest in Perfect Peace!!!
Suberu, Vila i  Frid!!!
Suberu, Wo Ojogbaa!!! 
Suberu, we Love you!!!

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