Tribute from a friend in Accra, Ghana - Nii Dzale

By 2006, the GaDangme struggle for equal rights and justice was on the crescendo. Every Saturday on GaDangme RadioToli mashie was very vibrant. Somewhere in the diaspora, there was this ardent listener from Sweden. He very hardly called into the radio but found a way to talk to me back door. This is how I got connected to Suberu. He was NOT A GADANGME by birth, but was more GaDangme in spirit than most by birth. He was highly inspirational.

On 26th April 2006, I had a call from Sweden. “Nii Dzale this is Suberu from Sweden. I just want to congratulate you guys. We need to fight for justice for our people, you know. I’m coming to Ghana in August, I’ll call and meet you.” There was one word in the above that made me confident of this man. The word “We”. It was indicative that Suberu saw himself more of GaDangme. I got convinced this man hated INJUSTICE!

By August Homowo time, long after I’d forgotten about him, I had a call from him. When I got to Ga Mashie, here was this short man with a goatee beard and with two cameras hooked onto both shoulders. We had a very long chat. Here was a Muslim who never allowed his religious beliefs to draw a line between him and non-Muslims. We established a very strong and fruitful relationship. We had many programs on STDs and any related diseases.

Suberu didn’t allow any interesting situation pass him by. We captured many interesting things on camera. I can see with my mind’s eye, “My brother” (as we called each other) standing before university graduates I organised, giving them in-depth information on AIDS. As he spoke, I looked into the faces of the graduates and saw wild astonishment.

Suberu never allowed his colour, creed, nationality, race or religion be a barrier to the good he did to mankind. He spoke his mind on issues without fear including anything that he felt was wrong in his belief.
He had no barriers when it came to religion even though he was a Muslim.

He abhorred extremism in religion. I can put him in the path where Mahatma Ghandi trod: Ahimsa. I will surely miss this man. As I write, I’m moved to tears. My eyes are filled and can hardly see. Suberu my brother is gone!

This man was ready to sacrifice anything and everything to help those affected by any STD. He enlightened me on what it is like, interacting with organizations on STDs. He supplied me so much condoms, thousands for distribution to the youth and vulnerable. I went from internet cafes to social gatherings, giving out condoms. Suberu was my encouragement.

He offered to let me come over to Sweden any time I wanted. Yet I couldn’t honour any because he understood my call of duty where others didn’t.

When it came to international politics, you need hear his fury on intimidation by so called world powers . He loved Ernesto Che Guevara and any who stood for the vulnerable.

Yesterday, Suberu would have loved to call and have a chat. Today he’s not with me. Though I feel the pain. Collectively we did so much to mitigate the suffering of those who needed us. That is the calling. The secret of immortality is service to mankind.
Idinas Siratal Musta-Queem, I wonder how many times you recited this line of the Fathiah... no doubt you tried to tread the right path.

I take up the challenge and the mantle. That is the best I can do for you, Suberu.

May Allah Grant you Jannah.
Fare there well.

Friend (Brother) of Suberu, Accra Ghana

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