Biography and Tribute by Suberu's Family

Our father, Suberu Salam, was born at Bukom in Accra in the year 1942 to Alhaji Salami (father) and Nimatha (mother). He had his basic and secondary education in Accra.

In the late sixties he came to Stockholm, Sweden to study Radio Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). During his time as a student he made many friends with whom he created lifelong and life-changing bonds. While studying in Stockholm, he became very curious about the world around him and had the strong desire to explore it. As a result in 1980 he took his Simca car and drove through Europe. He visited countries such as as France, Italy, Germany, Yugoslavia.

In the summer of 1981, he got married to his wife and life partner, Zainab Ladi Suberu, who later moved to Sweden to be with him and to start life together. They were later blessed with three children – namely Wadood, Nimatha and Majeed. Suberu was a loving father and husband. He insisted that we take good behavior and education very seriously. He helped us a lot in our homework and other school activities.

Suberu made his mark in by being the leader of several non-profit organizations in Stockholm. For the most part of his life, he and his wife dedicated their time and efforts to bring people from Ghana, Africa and various parts of the world together. He did this without any consideration to political affiliation, ethnic background, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. He has worked against racism and travelled the world to attend conferences to discuss issues concerning HIV/AIDS and the protection of the youth as well as adults from STD:s He also stressed the importance of education and values such as respect and honesty to the youth.

Beyond bringing people together, he had a strong love for photography. He had his camera everywhere and helped us to document 40 years of gatherings, parties, meetings, and demonstrations.

With his passing, he has left us with not only a great void but also a legacy which we will carry further on. We will always remember his dedication to the Ghanaian and the African community, his work, and his passion for the camera.

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