Miscellaneous news, December 2018
Swedish politics - Sverigedemokraterna, Socialdemokraterna gain in latest polls: The latest SVT/Novus polls show an increase for SD of 2.3% since the last general elections in August of this year. This makes the party the second biggest in the country with 19.8% of those who would will be willint to vote for the party if there was an election today. The Social Democrats also note a 1.8% increase over the same period to remain the country's largest party with 30.0% of sympathetic voters. Centerpartiet are on the same level as during the last elections with 8.6%. Liberalerna have gone back and at 3.9 %, would lose their parliamentary seats if there was an election today. Miljöpartiet have also noted a downturn by 0.4 % and are now exactly at the cut-off 4.0% point for a place in parliament. Nearly four months after the last inconclusive general elections, the country is still without a proper government with the former red-green coalition government still acting in a caretaker role. Things are pointing towards new general elections.
Appeal for funds to bury deceased Ghanaian in Göteborg: Hello fellow Ghanaians, a Ghanaian by name Dan Nelson passed away on the 8th of Nov. He has no family here in Sweden. His family in Ghana through the Ghana embassy tasked the union to investigate the cost required to bury him here in Sweden. It has emerged that we need approximately 20000kr to bury him. The family through the embassy is pleading with us all to contribute to raise this money to give our brother a befitting burial. Please contribute using the unions accounts. Put Dan in the message box. BANK DETAILS SWISH: 1230368100, PLUSGIRO: 750774-2. Let us all support to lay our brother to rest. This message was received from the Ghana Union of Gothenburg.
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