Why the tortoise carries his shell wherever he goes

Hello children,

Now we are going to read a very sad story about an orphan Tortoise. We shall learn a very encouraging lesson from this story. Read it very carefully and learn how good it is to rely on your self rather than depending on other people for everything.

Once upon a time, there lived an orphan tortoise. The very day this unfortunate tortoise was born, his mother passed on. Three days later, the unlucky tortoise lost his father through an accident. This baby tortoise became an orphan. He was sad and sorrowful right from infancy and was discouraged in life as a result of family lost. He had to live with his maternal grandmother, who now was his only source of hope in the world. The grandmother took a very good care of the poor little tortoise, who grew up to be a very handsome and intelligent boy.

When this tortoise was about seven years old, his grandmum also passed away as a result of a severe cold. This tortoise then became very lonely. All the people he could rely on have died. He had to fend for himself and this led to desparation. As a result, he decided to leave his home country to go and settle in a distant place. But before leaving his father's house, he thought that because he had no relatives left in the world, he feared that nobody would there to bury him incase he died far away from home.

With thia idea in mind, tortiose thought it wise to carry his father's house on his back to serve as his home, his coffin and tomb all together. This is the reason why tortoise is always seen carrying his shell. It is his home and future coffin at the same time. So if you have nobody to assist you, do not rely on anybody but plan your own future to avoid unnecessary problems in life.

Grandpa Enoch

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