Online registration of Ghanaians in the Nordic countries: The Ghana Embassy in Denmark is inviting all Ghanaians living in the Nordic countries to register themselves online on the embassy webpage. According to a statement on the website, "[t]he purpose of the exercise is to create a comprehensive database of all Ghanaian Professionals, Businessmen, Artisans, Traders, Casual workers, Students, Visitors, etc., in order for the Embassy to access the Ghanaian human capital in the Nordic region. The exercise is also expected to provide the Embassy quick access to our compatriots. It is also expected that it will provide the much needed platform to enable the Embassy to have increased interaction with Ghanaians in the Nordics. For the exercise, all children are also required to be registered." Click here for access to the registration site...
Sweden tops EU countries in aid to developing countries: Many EU countries have fallen far short of the recommended 0.7 percent of GNP that is to be given as aid to developing countries. With nearly 1.0 percent of their GNPs given away as aid, Sweden and Luxemburg are the EU countries that commit the largest percentage of their national incomes to fiighting poverty in the third world. Most of the other EU countries lie long below the recommended level.
Support for Socialdemokraterna falls in opinion polls: Support for Socialdemokraterna has fallen from 17.8 percent to 15,0 percent in Sifo's October polls. This is the lowest the party has reached since May 2015, a few months before the immigrant crisis of 2015. Moderaterna have risen to 18.6 percent gaining a lot at the expense of Sverigdemokraterna, according to Sifo. Even Vänsterpartiet has recorded gains going from 6.4 percent to 8.3 percent. Kristdemokraterna and Miljöpartiet, at 2.9 and 3.8 percent respectively, have fallen outside a place in riksdagen. Socialdemokraterna remain the country's biggest party in the country with 30.5 percent of voter sympathy.
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