Why the snake walks on its stomach

Hello Dear children,

How many of you have seen a snake before? Can you imagine a snake walking on four legs like a goat? That was exactly how all snakes used to be in the olden days. Now read this interesting story and know why today snakes use their chest and stomach to walk. You are going to learn a great lesson from this nice story.

Once upon a time, all animals including snakes had legs. However, God created special legs for snakes with a dimension almost like that of elephants. With the size of their legs, they could remove logs or big trees that may fall across their paths. As a result of the wonderful things they could do with their huge legs,they were very proud of themselves. They became arrogant and snobbish some times. When they felt like it, they would use their mighty legs to crush other small insects, lizards, rats, and so on.

One day, all the little beasts of the forest went and lodged a bitter complaint against snakes to GOD. God promised that, He would look into their complaint and take the necessary disciplinary action if the allegations were found to be true. From that moment, God called the monkey and assigned him to watch the movements of all snakes. The monkey was chosen because it was almost always on top of trees and so, could see all what the snakes were doing. The monkey readily accepted the assignment and went right on duty.

That same afternoon, while on duty, the mokey saw a snake delibrately stamping his foot on a small mouse. Monkey then went quickly and reported the incident to God.

God decided to take an immediate action against the snake and all its family members. In the middle of the night, when all the animals were fast asleep, God went to snake's bedroom. Snake was sleeping deeply. God made sure that the snake slept even deeper than possible and normal to enable him complete his plans fully.

Then God used hacksaw to cut off all the legs under snake. Early in the morning when snake woke up, he saw that his legs were gone.This brought desparation because he was not used to the situation he now found himself. He tried to find out from sympathisers who had created his handicapp. He wept so much his neck became thinner and thinner.

Later on, he went to ask God what had happened to his legs. But God did not mind him. From the time God cut away his legs, the snake was forced to crawl on his stomach and chest when he wanted wanted to move from place to place.

What have we learnt from this story?

If you are stronger than your friend and use your strength to bully others, GOD who is supreme judge and just, will punish yo too.

Grandpa Enoch

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