How the fish came to live in water

Hello Children, here comes, once again, an interesting story about Fish.
Let's now see why it is not necessary at all to discriminate against other people. We do not have to insult or look at people from other countries with questionable eyes just because they are not our country men. Read this story about the FISH and learn a great lesson from it.

Many, many years ago, all fishes used to live on the surface of the earth like all animals. In course of time, however, and for no reason whatsoever, other animals started discriminating against the fish. Other animals were laughing at the fish because it had had neither four legs nor two legs. They said if all animals were to be classified in categories they would never know whether to place fish in the four legged animals group or in two legged ones.

One day, all living creatures on earth organised a world conference just like that of United Nations Assembly. All the living creatures sent their delegations to represent them. When the fish delegates arrived at the conference hall, all other delegates were already seated and there were no seats reserved for the fish. When the leader of the fish delegation enquired to know from the organisers about their seats, he was sharply rebuked. Infact, the organiser asked him: "Mr. Fish, I wonder if you fishes have buttocks to sit down, if you people have not even legs to stand on, how are you going to attend a conference of this nature?"

With these harsh words from the organiser, the leader of the fishes felt so humiliated that he did not utter a word. He went and narrated his encounter with the organiser to his colleagues. The fishes decided boycott the conference. As a result, they left the conference hall without the slightest delay. When they arrived at home, they also convened an emergency meeting.

All fishes were sommoned to attend the meeting without fail. At their meeting, a very strong resolution was written. They sent a petition to the creator of all creatures. They humbly appealed to God to create a new land for them to enable them live in peace without discrimination. The Almighty God listened to them and decided to assist them. God arranged for ships, boats,vessels and canoes to carry all fishes into the sea. That was the new land God gave to the fishes. The fish soon occupied almost every available space in the sea and there were some of them still on the surface of the earth. So God ordered that they should be sent to fill all lakes, lagoons, rivers, and ponds all over the world. This is why all fishes started living in waters up to day.

So never try in your life to discriminate against any human being for we are all children of GOD.

Uncle Enoch

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