Well attended GUSS meeting ends with fruitful discussions: One of the most well attended monthy meetings of the Ghana Union in Stockholm took place at the union's usual meeting place in Rinkeby this weekend. The meeting, chaired by the Vice-President, Hilla Agbo, discussed the challenges facing the union, the programme for the coming year, the annual dues and the important question of attracting new members to the union. There was a fruitful discussion of the plight of the new Ghanaian arrivals from Italy and the problems they face in this country. Their biggest concern is to get jobs. The Treasurer presented a summary of the union accounts and members took the opportunity to pay their dues for this year. It was decided that the union will not organise any Christmas Day activities since members could join any one of the many activities by other Ghanaian groups in Stockholm that are planned for the time. There will be no monthly meeting for December and the next meeting will be scheduled for the end of January 2018.
Jimmie Åkesson re-elected leader of Sverigedemokraterna: Jimmie Åkesson was on Saturday re-elected leader of Sveridemokraterna, the anti-immigrant party in the Swedish parliament. He will lead the party for the next two years. Åkesson said his party will be a torch that will see to it that the other parties pursue more stringent immigration and ciminal policies. He warned the biggest opposition party, Moderaterna, against the expectation that his party will support the Alliance (the oppostion coalition). Åkesson also stressed that SD will be the "new health care party". He said guarantees for healhcare will be shortened and state control increased while cooperation with other providers will cut down queues in healthcare delivery.
Isabel dos Santos sacked as chairman of the state oil company: João Lourenço, the president of Angola, fired Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of his predecessor and Africa’s richest woman, as chairman of the state oil company. Since succeeding José Eduardo dos Santos in September, Mr Lourenço, who vowed to fight corruption, has also dismissed the governor of the central bank, the head of the state diamond company and the boards of all three state-owned media companies.
Africa's richest woman: Africa's richest woman, Isabel dos Santos, is the oldest daughter of Angola's longtime president. Though her representatives deny that her holdings have any connection to her father, President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, FORBES research found that he transferred stakes in several Angolan companies to her. In June 2016, he appointed her the head of Sonangol, Angola's state oil firm. Dos Santos' assets in Angola include 25% of Unitel, the country's largest mobile phone network, and 42% of a bank, Banco BIC. In Portugal she owns nearly 6% of oil and gas firm Galp Energia and nearly 19% of Banco BPI, the country's fourth-largest bank. She is also a controlling shareholder of Portuguese cable TV and telecom firm Nos SGPS. In October 2015, four members of the European Parliament publicly called for an investigation into her investments in Portugal, questioning their legality.
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