Two receive 83 lashes for being gay: Two gay men each received 83 lashes of the cane in Aceh, a semi-autonomous province in Indonesia that enforces Islamic law. It was the first time the punishment had been levelled against homosexuals in the province; people have been caned previously for drinking alcohol and gambling. A cheering crowd watched the beatings.
Nigeria's silent president: Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo is set to chair his second weekly cabinet meeting today since his boss Muhammadu Buhari left for London on May 7th. It is the president’s second trip to see his doctor this year. And, as during their 74-year-old leader’s earlier, six-week stint in Britain, Nigerians still don’t know what ails him. Grandees are already jostling for position. Mr Osinbajo is a respected technocrat, but has no political base. He is also from Lagos: northern politicians say if Mr Buhari is forced to step down ahead of the 2019 election, his replacement should, under the unwritten principle of rotating the presidency between north and south, remain one of them. Earlier this week the government was forced to deny rumours of the president’s death. Revealing the real state of his health — or even having him make a public appearance—would help dampen the speculation.
Two representatives from the Ghana Embassy in Köpenhamn recently met a cross section of Ghanaians in Stockholm and discussed matters of common interest. A new ambassador is expected to arrive soon. As usual, it will be a Lady Ambassador to the Scandinavia...
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