Why the monkey has an ugly face

Hello Children, I am sure you all know what monkey is. Do you know why monkey's face looks ugly?

A long time ago, monkeys were very beautiful creatures. The females looked even more beautiful than the males. If you want to know why monkeys become so ugly with such scary faces, then read this interesting story. It will assist you to learn to be grateful to Almighty Nature.

In the olden days, female monkeys were so beautiful that they always won the beauty contests in the animal world. There was a time they won the contest seven years in a row and collected all the beautiful trophies at stake.

Then one day, the monkey's mother said she wanted her daughter to look even more beautiful than before. She set up fire and started preparing warm water to massage the face of the monkey. When the water was warm enough, she called her daughter for the massage. She placed her daughter on her laps with the warm water beside her. She dipped a towel into the warm water and began to massage her daughter's face thinking that, her daughter was going to be the most beautiful girl in the universe. During the course of the massage, she micalculated the pressure exerted on the first cheek. After completing the second cheek, she realised that she had made the worst mistake of her life. In an effort to restore the daughter's face she made it even worse. Tried as she could monkey's face could not be restored to it's original beauty. The face became deep, hollow, crooked with pointed chin and a nose which could hardly be seen from a distance.

Monkey's mother realised that her daughter had become the ugliest girl in the world. She cried and cried and the daughter followed suit but the harm had already been done. The most beautiful queen became the ugliest in town.

So, you must always accept yourself as you are and be thankful to the Almighty God for the way He created you. He has His reasons for creating you. If you do not accept yourself and your nature, you will surely end up in destruction.

Till next month, this is Uncle Enoch...

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