New Ambassador arrives in Copenhagen: The Ghanaian Embassy in Copenhagen has informed all Ghanaians of the arrival of Mrs Armeley Ollennu Awua-Asamoa, the new ambassador of Ghana to Denmark with concurrent accreditation to selected countries in Northern Europe. The Ambassador arrived on the 8th of September and presented her Letters of Credence to the Danish Queen on September 15th. The Ambassador was due to pay visits to the Ghanaian churches in Copenhagen starting on the 24th of September. It is not yet known when the Ambassador will visit Stockholm.
Swedish Autumn budget - barnbidrag to go up by 200 kr: The government presented its Autumn Budget this Wednesday. 40 billion kronor have been suggested for investments 2018. Barnbidrag will be increased by 200 kr monthly starting in March next year. This alone will cost the state 4.5 billion kronor. Pre-school classes are to be made compulsory next year. This is to bring more equality to school going. But the budget proposals have been sharply criticised by the opposition parties. Moderaterna's spokesman for economic affairs, Ulf Kristersson, thinks it is wrong that the government is speeding up in the middle of an economic boom - a time when the state's finances should be strenghtened. He was, however, happy with the reduction of taxes on pensioners, and the increase in defence spending. Sverigedemokraterna's Economic spokesman describes it as a populist budged.
Moderaterna want to ban street-side begging in Sweden: Moderaterna want the laws against burglary and other offences to be sharpened. They also want more crimes committed by immigrants to lead to deportations than is now the case. The party even wants a national law against street-side begging. The suggestions are part of the party's policy on criminality that will be discussed at the national convention in Orebro next month. "It's the most offensive agenda in a decade", says the party's spokesman on judicial affairs, Tobias Tobé. He wants a non-partisan agreement on the problem of beggars. But his proposals have been met with criticism by the other parties. Both MP and Center are against the proposal to ban begging citing moral and technical reasons for their opposition. Even the party's own youth wing, Muf, is against the proposals.
Sweden - Löfven backtracks on promised tax increases: Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has said his government will not implement two of the three tax increases the ruling coalition agreed on over the weekend. The two that will be withdrawn are the proposed change in the cut off point for the national income tax and increases in tax for small businesses. The suggestion to increase flight tax will remain and be part of the Autumn Budget. The opposition Alliance has threatened a confidence vote in the government if the tax suggestions are carried through.
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