Bridgit Etbon celebrates graduation with family and friends, Norsborg, August 27th, 2016

Bridgit Etbon celebrates her graduation and birthday

While struggling hard to pay my parking fee with sms in Norsborg centrum at around 19:45 (the normal time we arrive at parties scheduled for 19:00), I was surprised to see guests milling outside the hall only less than one hour late! When I peeped inside the hall, it was filled beyond capacity.

I soon realised this was not going to be the usual Stockholm dance party involving Ghanaians with all the kpanlogo, azonto, hiplife. Rather, there was a great deal of God in the celebrations. Even the arrangement of the seats confirmed this. The invitation card was headed "To God Be The Glory" and asked people to come and join them praise and thank God. Gratitute was given to God in diffferent ways and languages. There were praises to God, who understands all languages, in even Serbo-Croatian and Yoruba. The Church family of the Etbons, the Ecumenical Church Worship team from Norsborg, was in full attendance. The presence of God was really felt.

The young lady, Bridgit Etbon, the centre of all the attention, was celebrating both her 23rd birthday and her successful graduation with an Msc in Pharmacology and Forensic Siences from Bradford University in the UK. Prayers were said and wishes were made for the continued success in her further studies. She is currently a doctorate student at Leeds University.

We all join hands in saying a big AYEKOOOOO to Bridgit and the parents who guided her through her life. It is always a great pleasure to see our offspring doing well in our newly adopted country. May she serve as a shining role model to all other Ghanaian youth studying hard in this country and making their parents proud.

Report: Suberu Salam, September 2016

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