Cindy Kallon firades på sin studentfest, 2016
  Cindy celebrates graduation party in grand style: The party was scheduled to start at 1600 hours. It was meant basically for Ghanaians so by 1730, only the chief celebrant, Cindy Anneli Kallon and her friends and father, as well as two other guests were at the small local hired for the occasion. Then at 1830, the invited guests started trilling in. They were coming one by one. But by 2000 hours, the place, meant to accommodate not more than 20 people, had more than a hundred people searching for a place to sit. And yet they continued coming. And they came again and again. They had all come to celebrate the ceremony marking Cindy’s graduation from gymnasium. It was Richard “Goldfinger” Kallon who had called on all to come and celebrate with her daughter. And when Richard calls, everybody will want to be there. He has supported everyone else in whatever they were doing. And so they responded. Cindy and her friends were pleasantly surprised at all the attention being doted on the graduating girl. Everybody wanted a picture with her. They doted on her and filled the present box with their cash gifts.

These days, the youngsters want cash and not some other present you don’t know they want. Everyone who came there enjoyed themselves. There was a lot to drink and to eat. And the music was good. In the end, you would not know it was a ceremony to celebrate a young woman’s coming of age. These old men and women were dancing as if they had never done that before. And cindy, looking as pretty as ever, soaked in all with happiness. Everyone was there – her godfathers, her cousins, her brother, her friends and all the numerous friends of her father, Richard Goldfinger. But by 22,00 hours, we had to leave. This was, after all, a young woman’s party. But it was one that we will all remember for a long time.
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