Ghana Union elects new executive - Rinkeby, April 16th, 2016

Ghana Union elects new officers

After several delays and long overdue, the Ghana Union in Stockholm successfully elected new officers for a two-year term. It happened on the 16th of April, 2016, at Rinkeby. Many members made it a point to attend this meeting which also served as the årsmöte.

The outgoing President, Mr Suberu Salam, in his opening speech gave a short account of his long steawrdship and stressed the need to elect new officers to keep the union going. Mr Osei-Poku took the ocassion to thank Suberu and the outgoing executive for the work they had done for these many years for the union.

The Electoral Commissioner, Kofi Sapathy, announced that there were still some positions that had no nominations and opened the floor for those who still wanted to contest. There was only one nominee for each of the posts but, in accordance with the union's constitution, there should still be a vote. Each candidate was still expected gain more than half the votes cast to be considered properly elected. After the votes were cast and counted, the following were duly elected to take care of the affairs of the union for the next two years:

Post Candidate Votes obtained
President Suberu Salam 18/18
Vice President Hillarius Agbo 17/18
Secretary Aku Tarras-Wahlberg 17/18
Vice Secretary Ladi Suberu 16/18
Organising Secretary George Adu-Boahene 18/18
Vice Org. Secretary Ninche Danjumah 18/18
Cultural Secretary Frank Neequaye 17/18
Treasurer Mydasi Idris Wuro 17/18
Auditor Baba Ibrahim-Nabiga 18/18

Ms Alice Karaara from Uganda and an old friend of the Ghana Union was the neutral observer at the elections and helped the Electoral Commissioner to conduct and count the votes. She also announced the results.

The new officers took the oath of office administered by Mr Osei-Poku, one of the founding members of the union and a past President and Treasurer.

It was suggested, and generally agreed, that the President of the union should also have the power to access the accounts of the union together with the Treasurer. If each had his or her own code, it would be known which of them withdraws money from the account. This is to enable the union function in case the Treasurer is out of the country.

The meeting also discussed the perrenial question of trying to find new members to the union. This year's election saw two new faces in the executive and it is hoped that more efforts will be made to bring in new members especially since there are now many Ghanaians in the Stockholm area.

Noahs Ark has offered to contribute funds to help defray the cost of the premises and the light refreshments that were provided for the elections. The organisation also gave a huge box of condoms that were distributed free of charge to members willing to take some. The President used the ocassion to say a few words about the need to guide against HIV.

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