George Adu-Boahene celebrates 60th birthday
at Hallunda, December 25th, 2014

George Adu-Boahene celebrates 60th birthday anniversary

George Adu-Boahene is a beloved and popular man in the Ghanaian community in Stockholm. This fact was forcefully brought home by the throng of Ghanaians, Swedes, other Africans, friends and well-wishers who gathered at Hallunda to celebrate with him on his 60th birthday. Everybody who mattered in the Stockholm African community was there. There were even guests from as far away as Goteborg and London! You see, George, who came to Stockholm in the early 80s, has been good to everybody who came his way. You will have a difficult time finding someone who will say a bad word about George. That's who George is.

The party started with George and his beautiful wife, Nana Yaa, entering the already crowded hall in grand style. George was in traditional cloth - just as he would if he were in his home village in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. But it was no ordinary cloth. It was rich. His wife matched him in a splendid attire.

The toasts were given. The music flowed and George opened the dancing with his wife. People followed thereafter with some of them tossing accolades in Ghanaian, as well as Nigerian, style.

Then George changed dresses and got into a richly flowing agbada and, with the help of his wife, cut the birthday cake which looked like the cake at a Hollywood celebrity wedding. The toasts went up again. Speeches were made in his honour. Salam Suberu, President of the Ghana Union and long time George associate, gave a speech in which he highlighted the work of George in the Ghana Union (of which he was a founding member) especially with the youth that included his (Suberu's) own children who were all in attendance at the party.

Then the food started flowing. But the booze flowed even more. There were all kinds of drink for anybody who wanted. The dancing went on and on until the very wee hours of the morning. There was so much to eat and to drink that many will find it difficult to forget this eventful evening. And it was all in honour of George Adu-Boahene.

George did not want any presents from his numerous friends except for their presence at his special day. But many came bearing presents to the celebrant.

The Ghana Union in Stockholm wishes to use this ocassion to wish one of its most prominent members a Happy Birthday but more of long life in great health and continued service to the Africans in Stockholm.

George, we all luv you and wish you may live forever...

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