Towards the partition of Nigeria
Anglo-American, European Union and NATO Military Intervention in Nigeria


The (First) Paris Conference of 2014 on the Partition of Nigeria
Barack Obama has proved that it is possible for a man (or a woman) of African descent to become president  of the world’s strongest military power and to use that power to implement policies totally detrimental to the security of African states and the well-being of African peoples:to  overthrow even democratically elected leaders of African states, slaughter civilians, turn away African refugees or watch them drown, capture and execute African leaders and bomb African states into pieces if their leaders do not do as America orders. This is about to happen again, it has already happened and is continuing in Libya, and Nigeria, Uganda, South Sudan or any other African country will be next. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous state and a multi-ethnic state that has survived threats to its national unity through its own efforts. This time Obama may have judged the country really ripe for partition. Partitioning a country like Nigeria will be like striking at the heart of Africa and it will bring enormous suffering to millions of people. But US-EU imperialism and their military arm Nato have shown over and over again that they are more concerned about their interests than about human suffering in former Yugslavia, kosovo, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and many more countries including Nigeria. Partitioning Nigeria may not be a difficult task at all for the CIA. That notorious American secret state will soon organize and link up with centrifugal forces within Nigeria and create a mixture that will explode and consume Goodwill Jonathan and all those who invited it to Nigeria. In 1884 European imperialist and colonial powers met in Berlin to formally carve up Africa . This was later to be called The Berlin Conference on the Partition of Africa. Now in May 2014 a conference has been convened by the arch-colonialist power France to discuss the so-called crisis in Nigeria. It will be correct to call that conference The (First) Paris Conference on the Partition of Nigeria. More such conferences will undoubtedly be held until the imperialist mission is accomplished.

A prosperous and independent Nigeria - A threat to American-EU interests?
With the dispatch to Nigeria of American military advisors and CIA-FBI agents Barack Obama has once again turned loose his killer dogs and thugs on an African country. The world is being made to believe that the Americans, the EU nd Nato are merely going to help the government of Nigeria put down a rebellion by religious extremists and spread democracy and human rights to Africa. But what in heaven’s name has Nato got to do with democracy and human rights? It should be remembered that a similar pretext was used by Obama to militarily occupy Uganda, using the terror of Joseph Cony as a pretext. More than two years after the military intervention in Uganda Joseph Cony is alive and well. Similarily, the crimes of the Somali terrorst al-Shabaab have been exploited by Anglo-American imperialism to strengthen its grip on Kenya and push that country into a very dangerous military adenturism that only furthers the interests of the US-EU-Nato rulers of the universe. The truth in fact is that Obama’s action has absolutely nothing to do with Nigeria’s security, or democracy and human rights, but is simply a synically calculated pretext to strengthen American imperialist grip on the country, destabilize it  and plunder its resources. This may be the first concrete steps towards an Anglo-American military occupation of Nigeria and the partition of that country. Add to this the chilling fact that in a clear violation of the American constitution the ruling elite in America has granted Obama powers to order the execution of anybody anywhere in the world including even  of American citizens whom he considers a threat to American interests. And tell me what today is not considered vital to American interests! Almost everything! Nigeria has recently been declared Africa’s largest economy, ahead of South Africa. This declaration may have been the final signal to the Obama administration to act to forestall a major African economy rising to become ”a threat to American interests.”

In its drive for world domination and hegemony American imperialism has lost its moral and human compass, become paranoid and sees enemies everywhere from the depths of the oceans, beneath the surface of the earth and right out into outer space and beyond. It has established over a thousand military bases around the globe and is constantly looking for more.  The Arctic and Antarctic regions of the globe are bristling with Euro-American military bases. American imperialism has militarized international relations and world politics and, urged on by mainstream media is bringing the world closer by the day to a nuclear conflagration.

It is common knowledge that the CIA is the most brutal intelligence organisation ever created by man with its tentacles spread over the globe. The CIA has its hands steeped in the blood of millions of innocent men, women and children from all corners of the world. With the collapse and disintegration of the Soviet Union American imperialism has no credible military opposition to its pursuit of world domination and can only be challenged and defeated by the actions of a united peoples of the world including the actions of the people of America itself who can never approve of the montrous crimes being committed in their name by their government controlled by a minority of its citizens. Under normal circumstances and in a world free from imperialist domination a free, independent and prosperous Nigeria would be seen and welcomed as a success story for Africa and for the whole world. This is not the case in the present world order dominateed as it is by powerful imperialist interests where the rise of oppressed peoples or any just restructuring of international order is seen as a threat to the interests of the United States and its European satellites and their Nato unless they are the sole power to control and  dictate the terms of such transformations.

A move fraught with dangers
And Goodluck Jonathan! My God, What has this man done! Letting a pack of hungry wolves and their cubs in through the door! Jonathan is tragically mistaken if he believes that the Anglo-Americans and their puppets will be grateful to him for betraying Nigeria and Africa. He may even be their first victim. Goodluck Jonathan has allowed himself to be bullied by Obama into handing Nigeria over on a silver plate to Anglo-American imperialism and its European satellites! One feels ashamed of him. Is this a president of Nigeria in the year 2014?  Together with his peers the most arrogant Yoweri Musseveni of Uganda, the CIA-trained Paul Kagame of Rwanda, the French stooge Ouattara of the Ivory Coast, the very, very corrupt Kenyatta of Kenya and others, Goodluck Jonathan deserves a place beside Sergeant Joseph Désiré Mobutu in an African Hall of Shame. Goodluck Jonathan is inviting a criminal army with a dismal record of interventions at a time most  people are fighting to throw it out of their countries. In dong so he should be aware that he is taking a calculated risk and endangering the lives of millions of Nigerian women, men and children as well as putting the unity and territorial integrity of his country at risk.

Throuhgout its history American imperialism has collaborated with Nazis and other extreme right wing and racist gangsters, organizing with them campaigns of slaughters and overhrow of governemtns including the overthrow of countless democratically elected governments. It has committed and continues to commit with impunity other montrous crimes against human rights and democracy. Yugoslavia was partitioned through massive terror bombing and Kosovo then violently wrestled away from what was left of Yugoslavia and turned into a huge American military base. Iraq and Libya have been left in ruins and are breaking up, and a similar fate may well befall Syria where the United States, the EU, Nato and their al-Quaida and Saudi-Qatari allies are causing immense human suffering in an attempt to overthrow the government of that country. Iran is under siege and a major confrontation looms in the Middle East. The greatest contribution of Anglo-American and allied forces to Afghanistan, it has been observed, is to have supervised a steep rise in the production of opium and an increase in the power of warlords in that country. Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen are among countries subjected to daily terror bombing by Obama’s drones with heavy casualties among civilians. In Ukraina the trio (the United States, the European Union and Nato) has orchestrated a right wing military coup against the legal government of that country and are doing everything to help the illegal government crush all democratic opposition and stay in power.

Anglo-American imperialism and its allies can never be trusted. It is inconceivable that an organisation like the CIA with its many decades of experience in subversion, murder and terror is unaware of the sources of funding and arms provisions of Boko Harem, a terrorist organisation in Nigeria using religion as cover. The position of this terror ogranization has been strengthened by the overthrow and execution of Ghaddafi in Libya carried out by the United States, the European Union and Nato and their al-Quaida allies. Qatar, and in particular Saudi Arabia is known to be financing and arming extremist insurgents around the world that claim allegience to Islam. Boko Harem is one such organisation. Now, both these countries and the ruling thugs in Libya are bosom friends of the Europen Union and Nato and in particular of the United States who has armed them to the teeth, providing them with many of the most modern weapons in the Amrerican arsenal. Indeed, the inept soldiertary of these autocratic countries are not able even to absorb these ultra-modern weapons purchased with petrodollars which they and other backward monarchies and artificially created states like Kuwait possess in abundance. Instead of using their financial wealth to improve the lives of their people , these client states are forced to purchase weapons which they use to forment disorders under American supervision. Nigeria, with its abundant oil resources is being pushed by American imperialism into the same corner.  

Boko Harem – A pawn in the hands of imperialism
Where then does Boko Harem get its weapons from if not from these Gulf States and their allies including the ruling Islamic Fighting Force in Libya installed in power by the United States, the European Union and Nato? Even ’neutral’ Sweden, a member of the uropean Union and steadily being pushed into membership of Nato against the will of a majority of its people has been exposed with advanced plans to build a secret weapon factory in Saudi Arabia. No country has criticised Qatar or  Saudi Arabia or American-controlled Libya for promoting terrorism in Nigeria or even conceded any knowledge of Libyan, Saudi or Qatari arms supplies to the terrorist organization. American imperialism is deliberately turning a blind eye to the crimes its puppet states are comitting, and may even be secretely directly ecouraging these crimes. It is only a matter of time before the CIA starts arming Boko Harem openly as part of its plans to partition Nigeria in the name of ”democracy and human rights” just as it is now openly doing in Syria.  

If the United States has been able to put into power through illegal wars waged in alliance with hardened terrorists in breach of all international law and norms like it has done in Libya and is doing now in Syria and has done before then in a thousand countries around the world, who will not believe that America is not already secretely co-operating with the Boko Harem terrorists  and perhaps even arming them directly? That’s no big deal, certainly not for the CIA killers. It is certainly arming them now indirectly through Libya, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, three of American imperialism’s most loyal bloodhounds. 

The CIA is a supreme master in the art of terror management and American imperialsim needs Boko Harem to secure a foothold from which to subvert Nigeria and make it a client state. It is not interested in the defeat of that extremist sect, only in controlling and managing it sufficiently to keep the Nigerian government on edge. In the same way Boko Harem needs American imperialism’s assistance, for the time being low-keyed, in order to be able to pursue its deeds of terror, abductions and murder. Support for Boko Harem will later be converted into an asset and used to blackmail the Nigerian government and extract concessions from it, because America  will then present itself as the only power/mediator that can ”talk to both sides”. It will be an exercise in self deception for Goodluck Jonathan or anybody else to believe that countries that in many ways are the sources of problems wll be interested in solving them. Asking the United States and Obama, Britain and France  to come to Nigeria to help fight Boko Harem is like asking an arsonist to help put out a fire. In this particular case the fire was even started by the arsonist whose help is being sollicited.

Democracy in Nigeria and the defeat of Boko Harem – An internal Nigerian matter incompatible with imperialist interests in Africa
What the people of resource-rich Nigeria need is not military advisors and CIA gangsters but the implementation of pressing basic economic and social reforms leading to improvements in their lives. These and other exigencies are needs  which Western trade and financial policies are not designed to meet and have indeed failed to help Nigeria meet. Indeed many of these problems can be traced direclty to past and current Western economic and other policies. The very corrupt elite in Nigeria closely associated with imperialist institutions and agencies need to solve problems of  glaring poverty and a shockingly unequal distribution of wealth, regionally and nationally, unemployment, especially youth unemployment, health conditions, rising cost of living, provide minimum decent housing schemes and ensure access to common drinking water for all Nigerians. Nigeria has resources enough to successfully pursue the fight against poverty, disease and illiteracy and a long list of associated problems. It is necessary to control the activities of multinational corporations in Nigeria and put an end to the stealing of resources from the country. We know and the government and people of Nigeira know that a substantial part of the country’s oil resources is stolen and siphoned away through a network of corruption channels  involving foreign companies and the Nigerian elite. Wise investment and education policies, good roads and other basic infrastructure are needed to unleash the massive potentials which the nearly two hundred million Nigerians most certainly have. That would be the surest and the least costly way to defeat Boko Harem. Nigeria can boast of some of the world’s finest writers and scientists.

The billions of Nigerian dollars and assets stashed away in Western banks can very easily be freed and invested in the country if any body in the trio countries (The United States, the Nato and EU countries) is serious about Nigeria’s development. It is not asking for much to demand  that the governments of the trio states for example produce and enact legislation authorising the seizure and return of stolen Nigerian financial and other assets in Western  banks and financial systems. This they can do today. What is the problem and why are they unwilling to do something they can so easily do? These measures that are vital for Nigeria can never be successfully accomplished legally or otherwise, peacefully or forcefully without the initiator(s) coming into conflict with imperialsit interests in that country. The fact is in the light of current international order, democracy and human rights and an improvement in the lives of the Nigerian or any other oppressed people are incompatible with the interests and designs of imperialism. Any leader, Nigerian or otherwise, who attempts to rock the boat will be targeted for character assassination and eventual destruction. Dr Mosadec of Iran, Nasser of Egypt, Sukarno of Indonesia, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Chedi Jagan of Guyana, Patrice Lumumba of the Congo and many many more are examples. Many others have survived, at least for now. Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe are just two of them.

If a Nigerian leader arose now and started to make these demands or implemet measures to realize them including launching a successful military campaign against Boko Harem he or she would be in trouble and imperialsim would immediately invoke the doctrine of ”responsiblity to protect” in order to rush to the rescue of Boko Harem and save it from being crushed. Imperialism has the ability to suddenly conjure up and invoke uncertified doctrines like ”responsibility to protect” and ”enemy combattants” and implement them when doing so suits its purpose. UN legally sanctioned clauses and phraseology like ”democracy” and ”human rights” are also opportunistically exploited to legitimate criminal interventions and create weak, unstable governments that depend on imperialist military support to survive in exchange for handing over their countries for plundering by international imperialsim and their agencies. The corrupt elite in Nigeria and the trio countries are by the very nature of their interests unwilling to tolerate strong, democratic and popular governments which are independent of their control. Even the imperialist press hypocritically joins in criticizing Mandela for leaving apartheid structures of South African society practically intact, for implementing no land reform for example. Secretly, however, they are very happy he never did, and that partly explains the outpouring of glowing tribute on his death. How many leaders from the trio states would have attended his funeral if he had undertaken land reform in South Africa in favour of the dispossessed millions there?

Anthony Turkson, May 2014

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