Ghanaian Ladies Organise Easter Party,
19th April, 2014, at Norsborg
  Easter Party, 2014  

Three Ghanaian ladies organise Easter Party at Norsborg

The food was great, the hall was filled to capacity, the music was wonderful and the dancing went on and on and on. There were three Easter parties in town within the African community in Stockholm but the three Ghanaian ladies who were behind the party at Norsborg were able to draw a huge crowd to a place that was not exactly in the centre of the city. The hall was decorated with table cloths and festival balloons in the Easter colour of yellow. The lighting was mostly yellow and even the paper napkins were yellow. The atmosphere was "mysig" and afforded a lot of opportunity to "mingla".

Most of the people, being Ghanaians, came late. But once the party got under way, it picked up steam quickly. The evening started with the deejay playing Ghana's alternative national anthem, Yen ara y'asase ni which was solemnly received by everybody.

There was an assortment of Ghanaian and continental dishes. One had the choice of jollof or ordinary rice, sinkafa ne waakye, fish, chicken, khebab, kormi ke kena, and even a sighting of spaghetti jolof – believe it or not. The booze also flowed. For the price of the entry ticket, one ate as much as one could and bought drinks beyond that.

The music was as varied as the food if not more so. There were all kinds of tunes from Africa and the international hip-hop scene. What would a Ghanaian party look like without Azonto? That was the most popular dancing tune of all. The way to do this was demonstrated by a pair of almost professional you Ghanaian girls who call themselves International Divers and boys (names???..) who thrilled the crowd with their dancing. The applause was deafening. (was there a prize for these dancers???---)

The crowd was mixed. Ghanaians were in the majority but there were people from different nationalities too. People came from far and near and faces from Uppsala could also be spotted. There were so many children running around the corridors. The Ghanaian community in Stockholm is really on the increase and the future of that community could easily be seen in these toddlers and children speaking Swedish (rather than Twi or Ga) to each other.

It was all in all, a successful night which will be remembered for a long time. There was the general feeling that all of it was worth the money expended on the gate fees and people look forward to the next such party.

This initiative taken by the three Ghanaian ladies, Eunice Fenteng Kollai, Afia Asare and Nana Yaa Nyamekye, gave the community an occasion to meet and have fun that is not necessarily celebrating someone's funeral. Kudos to the three ladies. People are looking forward to the next big one.

Suberu Salam

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