AFRIS organises African julbord at SENSUS, Medborgaplatsen, December 14th, 2013

AFRIS organises julbord: The annual julbord organised by AFRIS (Afrikanska Rådet i Stockholm) took place at SENSUS, Medborgaplatsen, on December 14th. It was a special julbord without the traditional Swedish Christmas dishes. The African countries that make up AFRIS instead presented meals from their various countries to mark the day. There were delicious dishes from Gambia, Ghana, Uganda, and Nigeria. It was not the typical Christmas dishes from the various countries but they were enjoyed by the fairly large number of persons who attended.

Olle Walle of Landsiget förebygger aids (LAFA), a longstanding sponsor of the activites of AFRIS, was present and took the ocassion to present some of the work of his organisation in Stockholm. He talked about the latest happenings on the AIDS front in Sweden and said 6,500 cases of the disease have now been identified in the country. He reminded the audience that the law about revealing you are a carrier of HIV/AIDS to a prospective sexual partner (Anmälningsplikt) Smittskydslagen) is still valid in Sweden. He said that the law also free testing and care of HIV/AIDS patients in the country. He said LAFA has a hotline for people who wish to know about HIV/AIDS. Moreover, there is website ( - Fråga Olle och Karolina) where people who wish to remain anonymous can ask questions which are quickly and expertly answered. The site also has a good Q & A where the most common questions are answered. is an extention of LAFA's own site which is a great resource on all questions sex, sexuality and relationships for all ages and backgrounds. (Please, click on the links to go directly to the relevant web pages.)

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