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Ghana Union held its end of year meeting at the weekend and elected new officers to run the affairs of the union for the next two years. Mr Suberu Salaam was overwhelmingly re-elected as president of the union. Ladi Suberu takes the post of Secretary, a long standing problem post for the union. Two neutral observers from Friendship Association and Uganda were at hand to see to it that the elections were fairly conducted.

In his report to the union, the outgoing President, Suberu Salaam highlighted the major happenings under his tenure. The union undertook its standing projects – the Independence Day celebrations, the Women’s Day and the summer grill which recently was organised under the auspices of AFRIS, an organisation in which Ghana Union is an active member. The Christmas and end of year party was also organised in 2010 but the Union gave notice that it could no longer organise it on a regular basis according to the gentleman’s agreement reached with the Friendship Association. Other activities in which the union was fully represented were the activities of Centrum mot Rasism, AIDS project with the assistance of LAFA and full participation in the activities of the Maisha Gala. In 2010, the union Vice President, Mahama Mariama, presented a major award at the Gaisha Gala to Prof. Hannah Akufo for her activities that raise the good name of the black woman in Sweden.

Mr Suberu expressed thanks to the union for the confidence reposed in him to steer the activities of the union for the past two years.

In the absence of the union treasurer, the Auditor, Baba Ibrahim-Nabigah presented a shortened version of the union accounts and informed the house that he had not seen any anomalies with the accounts. He requested the union to accept the accounts as representing the financial activities of the union in the period.

The union elected new officers to handle the affairs of the organisation for the next two years. The long time electoral commissioner, Kofi Sapathy, was ably assisted by Anthony Turkson, in conducting the elections. Two neutral observers, Joe Etbon from the Friendship Association and Godfrey from Uganda oversaw the elections and helped in the counting of the ballot papers. The following were elected to the various posts for the period 2012-2013:

President                       Suberu Salaam              
Vice President                Mahama Mariama          
Secretary                      Ladi Suberu                  
Vice Secretary               Felix Asare                   
Treasurer                      Diana Ablorh
Organising secretary       George Adu-Boahene
Vice org secretary          Nuuru Allotey                
Cultural secretary           Enoch Ablorh

Auditor                         Baba Ibrahim-Nabiga

In their comments, the observers commended the Ghana Union for doing a good job. Mr Godfrey Etyang reminded the union that the people who make up the union are its biggest resources and the union should not let feuds over projects kill the organisation. Mr Joe Etbon said the Ghana Union has really come far and will get all the cooperation that it needed from the Friendship Association. He said the Ghana Union was a union for all Ghanaians in Stockholm and that the Friendship Association was more like a fan club even though it is very strict in its edicts – high entrance fee, monthly payments and punishments for non-attendance at meetings.

The ladies of the union prepared kenkey, stew, fried fish, rice and other delicacies to grace the occasion.

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