Minutes of the GUSS General Meeting
held on September 25th, 2011 at Kista

Grace Mahama, Baba Ibrahim-Nabigah, Suberu Salaam, Frank Neequaye, Emmanuel Osei-Poku, Anthony Turkson, Kofi Sapathy.

The meeting, which started at 1630, was chaired by the Vice President Grace Mahama who opened the procedures by welcoming union president, Suberu Salam, back from Ghana.


1. Preparations for the Women's Day

29th October was confirmed by the Vice President who also said the union’s end of the year get-together will take place in December. The chairman also informed the meeting that Vida Anku had agreed to take part in the seminar on teen-aged pregnancy in Ghana. Other members of the panel will be Baba Ibrahim-Nabigah and Ladi Suberu. The discussions will be chaired by Anthony Turkson. Suberu said he would also show a film he had brought from Ghana on the day of the Women’s Day seminar. The meeting agreed that the union would be on the alert for any other activities that may pop up in between the Women’s Day and the Xmas get-together.

2. Mr  Osei-Poku’s report on payments from Micah Kissi.

Mr Osei-Poku gave his report on his negotiation with the former President, Micah Kissi, in the matter of the refund of monies he took from GUSS for activities performed for the Diaspora Link even though he had secretly negotiated and got 180,000 kr from the Diaspora Link-Project for the same activities for which he was paid by GUSS without telling any member of the union. Osei-Poku said Micah agreed to pay back 12,200kr of the more than 16,000kr he was deemed to have obtained from GUSS’s Diaspora Link project. He said he would not pay the difference because these were amounts that were rightly due him. As at the time of the meeting, the said 12,200 kr had been duly paid to the union’s coffers in installments of 4000, 4000 and 4200. The treasurer confirmed the payments. The meeting accepted the payment and decided not to pursue the rest of the money.

Micah Kissi’s expulsion from the Union was then discussed at length. There were mixed views on this. Some members called for his immediate expulsion from the union with public notice given to that effect but others were of the opinion that he should be left to his own devices. The meeting did not come to an agreement on the issue and decided to postpone it to the next meeting when there will be more members attending so that a decision could be taken.

The vice President called for the meeting to come to an end and Osei-Poku seconded.

The meeting came to an end at 17.45.

The minutes were taken by
Suberu Salaam

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