Minutes of GUSS monthly meeting 27th Nov. 2011 Kista Träff

Enoch Ablorh
Diana Ablorh
Baba N. Ibrahim
Emmanuel Osei-Poku
Athony  Turkson
Zainab L. Suberu
Kofi Sapathy
Suberu Salam
Middas (new member)

The meeting, chaired by the president, Suberu, started at 14.35. Suberu also took down notes of the meeting. There was one new member in attendance.

Matters arising from the minutes of 25th September, 2011
The women’s day that was held on October 29th was discussed. It was agreed that the topic for the seminar on teenage pregnancy was well treated by the presenters and well led by the monitor even if it was agreed that more research needed to have been done for the presentation.

The union was also informed of the refund of 12200 kr to the Union by Mica.

Members were informed of AFRIS Xmas/ New Year julbord which was to come up on the 17th Dec. Since GUSS is a member of AFRIS, it was agreed that GUSS would take part in this celebration and would not on its own hold another end of year party.

It was also decided that GUSS general election would take place on 21st January 2012 between the hours of 15.00 and 20.00 at any available local in Stockholm. Kofi Sapathy was entrusted to organize the elections. He would be assisted by Anthony Turkson. Independent observers would be allowed if possible. The ladies of the Union promised to give us a taste of Ghana on the Election Day.

Other matters
It was agreed that the matter of the formal expulsion of Mica from the union would be decided on the Election Day when, hopefully, more members of the union would be present for a full house decision to be made.

Baba informed the Union about the new project proposals from the Diaspora Link professor Bengt Henoch. It is about some kind of cooperation on a proposal connecting businesses between Sweden and Ghana. It was agreed that Baba would continue to get more information and also represent GUSS on the new project in question with all the support necessary from the Union. The Union expressed gratitude Baba for his prompt reply to Professor Henoch and action taken.

The meeting came to an end when Enoch Ablorh called for an end and was quickly seconded by George Adu-Boahene.
Minutes taken down by

Suberu Salaam

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