Minutes of the GUSS General Meeting held on
January 29th, 2011 at the residence of
George Adu-Boahene

The meeting took place on the 29th of Februaury 2011 at George Adu-Boahen’s residence at 15:00.

Present were 12 members namely Suberu, Baba, Geroge, Enoch, Gladys, Kofi Sapathy, Hilla Aboagye, Grace, Diana, Aku T-W, Kokroko and Ladi.

The chairman for the meeting, Suberu, stressed on the fact that he had received some letters from about 3 individuals who needed help from the GUSS. The issue was that it was however not clear specifically what kind of help was needed, whether financially, morally or with other resources. For example one letter received had the content of an offer for help reagrding dental equipments to be shipped from to Ghana etc. It was decided the Chairman for the meeting goes back to check what they actually needed specifically. It was however clear that GUSS was in a poor financial position to help other organisations in such a way. It was therefore appealed upon to all members the need to pay their dues since not all members even remember whether they have paid or not. Mr. Kokroko volunteered to call upon all the members to pay their dues, which was highly appreciated.

Discussions continued as to finding ways and means to add more money to GUSS’s coffers. A reminder and pressure was needed to be mounted on the professor who was or is supposed to honour their part of a signed agreement between GUSS and the diaspora remittance project which generated some finances, yet to be paid. It was therefore suggested that since Micah was directly involved with the professor, he could be encouraged to pick it up with the professor.

Concerning the diaspora in general, it was made clear by BABA that it was in a comma.

Concerns were raised regarding Ghana Independence Celeberation, whether it should be celeberated or not, and if it should, if we could organise it in collaboration with other associations as in Friendship Association or not. And even if it were celeberated it should be held in the end of March to avoid clash of preparation due to a short notice period and to be able to allow the Ghanaian ambassador in the Scandinavia to come and grace the occasion. Some executive members were supposed to find out and get back to us.

Under ‘other matters,’ suggestions of meeting at different individual houses sometimes instead of official locals all the time, for a fee of about 300 sek or otherwise suggested was welcomed. This was meant to encourage more socialisation within the union other than just strict formalities and save some money for GUSS. However this needs to be optional and an official approach needs to be adopted nevertheless.

The next meeting will take place in Enoch’s residence after he voluteered to have it held in his residence. It was highly appreciated with a can of beer.

There were high concerns regarding having more contact with the GUSS treasure since it has been ages since he had been seen in GUSS meetings. Suberu promises to extend the message to him and hopefully see him soon.

Last but not the least, Allotey, one of Guss’s members has lost his mother and therefore could not attend the meeting. A compensation fee and a representative are needed to visit him and express our deepest condolences.

The meeting ended with good food, wine, beer, water etc and more socialisation and merry making by 18:30.

Aku Tarras-Wahlberg
(Vice Secretary)

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