Minutes of the GUSS Extraordinary Meeting held on
Sunday September 7th, 2003 at Rinkeby Folketshus

Kofi Sapathy, Francis Boamah, George Adu-Boahene, Say Akolor, Anthony Turkson, Baba Ibrahim-Nabigah, Suberu jnr.

Meeting was primarily called to discuss preparations towards the impending 20th anniversary and women’s day celebrations.

Even though a quorum was not reached, the president opened the meeting at 1555 hours.

2. Reading, approval and discussion of previous minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were read. Say said the minutes referred to Grace as the auditor but it was Suberu who was auditor. Say objected to an entry concerning him. There was a long discussion about this with the secretary arguing that what he wrote was what Say said. No agreement was reached on this. Baba, however, moved for the minutes to be approved and he was seconded by George.

3. Progress report on the impending anniversary.
The president gave a report on what had been done so far. He showed the folder produced to be distributed both electronically and by ordinary mail. He informed the meeting that he had not had any positive replies to the requests for funds that had been sent out. He said a venue had already been booked and participating groups informed. Turkson requested for help in the distribution of material. He informed the meeting that the nature of the program would interest only commercial sponsors but not the authorities. The meeting agreed to take the authorities to task for refusing us help when we needed them even though we had given them help when they asked us. The integrations department was especially mentioned for criticism.

Say asked if the SA ambassador had formally accepted out invitation.

A rough breakdown of the proposed 86,000 kr expenses for the celebration was given with the following highlights:

- Black Rhinos - 6000 kr
- Ahmadou Jah - 3000 kr
- Kristina and co - 2000 kr
- Lokal - 5000 kr

Also discussed at the meeting were the following:
- whether we had agreed on 50 kr or 100 kr as the party entry fee
- why are our parties were so uninteresting
- how the food should be served at the party
- other types of food to be served
- free party tickets to some African organisations
- how to identify the invited guests at the party

There were lengthy discussions on these and other items concerning the organisation of the party. The discussion went on and on until we broke off at around 17 hours.


Francis Boamah


Kofi Sapathy
Vice Secretary President

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Minutes taken down by Kofi Sapathy

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