Minutes of the GUSS General Meeting held on
Sunday June 1sth, 2003 at Rinkeby Folketshus


Kofi Sapathy, Francis Boamah, Hilla Agbo, George Adu-Boahene, Nuuru Allotey, Say Akolor, Frank Neequaye, Kasim Abdul-Kadiri, Anthony Turkson, Baba Ibrahim-Nabigah, Ladi Suberu, Grace Mahama.

1. President’s opening words
2. Reading and approval of last minutes
3. Matters arising out of the last minutes
4. Proposed constitution
5. Other Matters
6. Closing

1. President’s Opening words
The president opened the meeting at 1455 hours. There was a discussion about whether we formed a quorum. The president said we formed a quorum if we included those who had given excuses for not coming and those indicating they would come later on.

2. Reading and approval of last minutes
The secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting and the president called for corrections. Turkson wondered which of the Turksons was quoted in the previous minutes since there were two Turksons at the meeting. The secretary pointed out that it was Anthony Turkson and promised to correct the minutes to reflect that fact.

In the absence of further corrections, the president called for someone to move for the acceptance of the minutes. Say’s move was seconded by George and the minutes were approved as the true record of events at the previous meeting and accepted as the property of the union.

3. Matters Arising Out of the Previous Minutes.
Ladi pointed out that she was still a member of the union but the entry in the previous minutes addressed her together with Salaam Suberu. The president pointed out that Salaam Suberu was the auditor to the union and one of the signatories to the union account and that the comments on that issue at the previous meeting referred to Salaam Suberu and not to Ladi. The secretary admitted that the entry on the issue was not accurate. The president pointed out that the issue was what we would do if Salaam Suberu’s resignation was not accepted by the union. Baba said Suberu must be convinced to withdraw his resignation but as at now, we should not accept his resignation. The president also said that the previous meeting had agreed that the executive, and not the executive and members, as recorded in the minutes, was to write to the Suberus. He informed the meeting that he had written separately to them and was yet to hear from them as at the time of our meeting. Kofi asked to see copies of the letters the president had written. The president promised to send the copies by mail. George took the opportunity to appeal again to the Suberus to reconsider their decision.

4. Constitution
When the president brought this issue out, Ladi suggested that discussion of the 20th anniversary was more important than the constitution. But the president said the anniversary preparations were on course and the meeting went on to discuss the new constitution. The following were the major items discussed at length:

- the last date for dues to be paid was moved to June 30th. Baba wondered what the consequences were for those who paid after this deadline. The discussion of this issue included suggestions for a lateness fee but the meeting decided to keep this article (IV ii, b) as it is in the revised constitution,
- George suggested that we needed a vice treasurer. After a brief discussion, the house agreed on Baba’s suggestion to do away with the post of the vice cultural secretary and replace it with that of a vice treasurer,
- The issue of a 2 year term of office was vigorously discussed. There were strong views opposing and in favour. In the end, the issue was put to the vote and the 2-year term of office side won by 8 votes to 1. But the limit on the number of terms an officer can hold an office being set at two was rejected.
- A change of the constitution being approved by two thirds of members voting was accepted.
- All the specialized organs suggested in the revised constitution were accepted.
- Kofi pointed out that the term ‘Ghanaians’ in the preamble should be changed to Ghana. This was accepted.

With the end of the discussions, Say thanked the committee members for a job well done. A motion was then raised to accept the new constitution. This was put to the vote and the constitution was unanimously adopted by all members present and voting without any abstentions. Turkson pointed out that according to Swedish law, a constitution can be effectively changed only after it has been approved at two consecutive end-of-year meetings. The president said the discussion of the revised constitution had been going on for several meetings and we could say we acted in accordance with Swedish law if we took any two of such meetings as consecutive end of year meetings. The revised constitution was thus promulgated to take effect immediately. The president thanked members for resolving the issue of the constitution.

6. Other Matters

- The president informed the meeting of the death of Enoch Ablorh’s mother.
- Picnic: Say raised serious objections to the inappropriateness of two unions organising the barbecue. He said it was a catastrophe since all the important announcements were made in only one Ghanaian language. This brought about a general discussion. The president felt that was actually not the case. Turkson said English should be the official language but local languages could not be prevented between friends. Nuuru was strongly against the fact that no provisions were made for the kids. George said the FA couldn’t get chicken sausages and lamented the fact that too much of the organisation of the feast was left on his shoulders. He also said the whole thing was too costly and suggested that in future, people should bring their own meat. He said on the whole, there were difficulties with the FA. Grace said the idea was good but still felt that future organisations should be left with one union which would invite the other union. Kassim reminded the meeting that the objective was to see whether the joint organisation would work and we were now in a position to reappraise and evaluate the entire thing. He felt we should continue with the joint organisation. The president said the two executives would meet again to discuss things. Nuuruh wondered if there would be a second barbecue.
- George said the anniversary ceremony publicity committee would meet immediately after the meeting.
- Say announced to everybody that he had now bought a brand new mobile telephone.
- Kofi asked when the next meeting would be held but he had no answer.

7. Closing
At 1800 hours, Say called for the meeting to be adjourned. He was quickly seconded by George and we dispersed.

Kofi Sapathy Francis Boamah
Vice Secretary President
Date: Date:

Minutes taken down by Kofi Sapathy

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