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Second round remittance trials to Ghana suspended: Following difficulties in making a second round trial remittance to Ghana, the pilot project has been suspended until the turn of the month August-September. The Ghana Union requested a second trial of remittances to Ghana so that members would get more conversant with the use of the system. It would also enable those who didn't quite succeed with the first trials to get it this time around. But the second trials couldn't go through as no one succeeded in making a remittance. Since so many people are on holidays, the trials have been suspended until everyone comes back from holidays after which a new database will be created and the second trials made again.
Latest on the remittance project: After a few weeks of quiet, the Dlink remittance project is on full course again. The delay has been due to technical difficulties with computer work at the transmission level. These difficulties have now been resolved but it has meant the database of the pilot group members has been wiped out. But now things are on course. Some members of the core group of the pilot project have been able to successfully make transfers to each other. The process is functional. Re-registration of the rest of the members of the pilot group is currently going on. By this weekend, all pilot group members will be registered again. Full test remittances to Ghana will begin next week after the Easter holidays. Read more...
Working group discusses remittance project: The DLink remittance project working group met over the weekend to discuss the latest issues facing the project. The meeting discussed the various points in publicising the project and identified the particular strategies to use in meeting the various contacts that had been identified. The meeting agreed that the job of publicising the project especially with our fellow Africans would be made easier once the test run of actually remitting money to Ghana has been done. The meeting also looked at the finances of the project and discussed the most judicious use of the funds available. A general meeting of the union will be fully briefed about the meeting of the working group.
Latest on the Dlink Project: It has been a bit quiet with the remittance project of late. The delay seems to have come from Visa Europe whom the organisers are waiting to complete some tasks to enable the remittances to take place. Meanwhile, the union will still have to work on parts of the project that have to do with publicity work around town. Pilot project participants who still don't have Visa Account holders in Ghana can still arrange for such. More information will be provided as soon as there are new developments. Click here to see more pictures from the end of year party...
Registration starts for the remittance project: Internet reegistration of members of the remittance project pilot group begun last Sunday with the registration of members of the working group who met at Micah's place for the exercise. Saturday's meeting will continue the exercise and all members of the pilot group will be registered on that day. When all members are registered and DLink completes all technical details, the test transfers will begin. Pilot project members are advised to attend this meeting and those who don't have account holders in Ghana should continue trying to get at least one.
Diaspora Link remittance project set to go...
Pilot project Remittance service Sweden to Ghana...
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