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African shopping in the Stockholm area


Shop Name   Description   Contact/Location   Our Comments
  Clothing, jewellery, hair, catering services available   Moränvägen 66. Tel: 073-73 44 857   Online and telephone shopping only.
African House   General foreign goods, food, clothing, hair products, etc. Sister company nearby fo.r African hair cair   Sveavagen 17, Hötorget T-Station. Tel/Fax: 08-222715. Opening Hours: Mån-Fre: 10-1830, Lör: 11 - 17   Generally good service. Goods can be bought by mail. Credit cards not accepted.
africanow   They sell all kinds of products with an African design - even their electronic products have African motifs. It is art, but for now, exclusively South African and very 'wired'. Interesting stuff. Go here to see for yourself...   Södra Kungsväg 65, inside Walther Arkitekter AB's premises. T-bana: Ropsten. Opening hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays - 18 - 20. Tel: 0734-406026. Email:
  Wonderful website, great pictures of the products on sale. It certainly looks like an African, sorry, South African modern art gallery. Online shopping fully available and all major credit cards accepted. Swedish only.
Afro Specialist   African unisex salon - haircuts, waves, colouring, dreadlocks, etc.   Tegnergatan 45 (T-bana: Rådmansgatan). Tel: 08-21 79 84, 070 886 53 04.   African hair salon and beauty products. Drop in and appointments
Bisi Afrique   New African shop selling general African goods - hair and beauty products, garments, food and also 'Nigerian movies'.   The shop is located on
Erik Segersälls Väg 3
126 50 Hagersten
Aspudden Centrum
Phone: +46 8645 2497, +46 762 154 585
  Shop promises 'unimaginably low prices' because they 'just don't fuss too much about huge profits' ... Find out yourself.
  Sale of interior decoration, textile, jewellery, etc imported especially from West Africa. There is also food and literature. This shop boasts of Fair Trade practices and undertakes cultural activities involving African artists.  

Trångsund 2B
111 29 Stockholm
T-bana: Gamla Stan (Opposite Storkyrkan's main entrance)
Telefon 08 - 10 06 82
mån-fre 11-18
lördag 11-16

  An interesting shop, lots of curiosa from Africa. They even have Divine chocolate (partly owned by Ghanaian cocoa cooperative). A functional website with info also in both French and English. Online sales are possible with full return rights (öppet köp). Visit the shop in person if you can - it is also a gallery of African artefacts.
ethiostar   African restaurant   Saltmärtagatan 19A. Tel: 08-305044. Opening Hours: Mån-Tors: 11-23, Fred: 11 - 24. Lörd: 14 - 24 Sönd: 14 - 23.   The party place of choice for our South African brothers and sisters.
ggkiky   African drop in barber's shop and hair salon. African cosmetics and food, media, etc.   Kungsholmsgatan 11 and 13. Tel: 08-6509442. Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11-19. Closed on Sundays.   Great website. More pictures have been added but still no online shopping.
gibe travels   IATA certificated travel agency with worldwide ticket sales and a specialization in African destinations.   Bryggargatan 8
(just behind Åhlens and Debenhams)
111 21 Stockholm.
Tel: 08 101677 (24 hour service) Fax: 08 7919872.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 930-1800; Sat: 930-1500.
  Website contains everything you need for your travel. Online booking is available but the itinerary selector is incomplete and does not work.
gladys   African hair products and cosmetics, hair salon.   Klädesvägen 7, Brommaplan. Tel: 08-269903. Opening Hours: Mon - Frid: 10-18. Weekends: Closed.   Probably the best online shopping of them all. Great website. Visa and Mastercard accepted with security guarantees.
  African cosmetics made fron only natural ingredients   Products sold in two shops in Stockholm: Asmara Afro-kosmetík, Degerbygränd 3B, Spånga and Kilimanjaro Afro-kosmetik, Barnhusgatan 2 (vid Drottninggatan 73).   No online sales. This is actually not a shop but a product line. Web page is still under development.
mensah   African cuisine and ready made food items.   Web based shop. Email:   This is a webbased shop but no online purchases are possible. You can only reach them by email. Site seems to be in its infant stages
orkarinte   They do all the jobs that you just don't want to do:städning, diskning,tvätt, barnvakt, shopping, etc.  
  Roslagsgatan 13, 11355 Stockholm, Sweden,
Tel:08-154926/154885(vid akut), 073-5605209/076 216 9132
  This is a sister company to Safari Club. Great website.
  Dance company that performs African, particularly Ghanaian, dances has a shop that sells African musical instruments  

Bendoula AB Besöksadress: Emågatan 52, Bargamossen. Tel: 08-649 91 01, 070-338 16 91.

  Website still under construction all this while. The product catalogue of musical intsruments on sale is a pdf file and takes time downloading. NB: webaddress is 'rythm' and not 'rhythm'.
Salong Sharrif   African drop in barber's shop, salon, cosmetic products.   Rådmansgat 59, Tel: 08-316420.   Sharrif is one of the oldest African barber's shops in town - he is a natural talent.
swedishsafari   A tourist agency. Concentrates on safaris to Kenya and Tanzania.  

Roslagsgatan 13, 11355 Stockholm.
Tel:+46 (8)154926, Fax:+46 (8)154885

  This is an old tourist agency - 36 years old. Long in the business. Great site but they use frames. You can bookmark only the front page.
tajmahal   All kinds of foreign items imaginable.  

Kammakargatan 40, Drottninggatan 100. Tel: 08-212281 T-bana: Rådmansgatan, Hörtoget

  TajMahal is the mother of all foreign shops in Stockholm and it shows. The website leads you on only to the hair shop where there is a lot of information as well as a FAQ on hair styling. But either TajMahal does not seem to have a true online shopping or the website is not shopper friendly. This is a great drawback.
Shops that have closed down

We add more shops to our list and update information on the ones already here from time to time. In the future, we will give you price comparisons on selected items all to help you make the best purchases. Just keep coming back. Shopowners, please contact our webmaster for corrections or if you want your shop to be placed on this list.

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