Are you planning to get dual Ghanaian citizenship?

  1. Follow the instructions as attached (Appendix A)
  2. Your letter of application for Application form F10 might look like this: (Appendix B)
  3. After you have filled the forms you may attach a letter looking like this: (Appendix C)
  4. Don't forget to add DKr100 when sending the forms. This amount is for postage of the approved citizenship card back to you.
  5. Remember our Embassy is Ghanaian and deals only in HARD CASH. NO CHEQUES are allowed (you may send a cheque but the cost to you is not worth it) so change all your money into Danish Kronor.
  6. After you've done all these, you need one more thing: HAVE PATIENCE AND WAIT!! I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE IT WITHIN 2(TWO) YEARS.
  7. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

NB: On a recent visit to Finland, the Ambassador in Denmark, Mrs Amematekpor, asked about the dual citizenship card, revealed that it now takes only two months from application date to issue date.

The dual citizenship can also be obtained in Ghana where it takes a much shorter time.

  Appendix A: These are the requirements
  Appendix A2: Covering letter from the embassy
  Appendix B: Sample letter of application for form
  Appendix C: Sample letter of application for dual citizenship
  Form10 (Sample, do not use)


ID Card, front and back
  The dual-citizenship identity card is folded in two and is 12cm by 7cm and 12cm by 14cm when spread. The front and back are green and the inside, which contains information about the holder, is white. It is signed by the Minister of Interior  


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