Ghanaian men join forces to fight HIV/AIDS

The global fight against the debilitating effect of the HIV/AIDS menace was given a new impetus in Ghana with the adoption of Men Television Reality Show to educate the public on its prevention and control.
  Men Fighting aids


The programme seeks to use the power of men to display unique information on HIV/AIDS, Mr Martin Mensah, Chief Executive Officer of Ultimate Ideas, organisers of the show told newsmen at the official lunch of the show in Accra on Saturday.

He said HIV/AIDS had a profound social and economic effect that impacted on enterprises and workers, therefore the need to provide support and care for children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Mr Mensah stressed the need to intensify education on HIV/AIDS in the country among the working class, adopt preventive schemes aimed at the youth, faith-based responses to HIV/AIDS, developing community and home-based care and support systems.

He said the programme would in addition, help accelerate growth and create a permanent prosperous change in men through creativity, international display, unique information about HIV/AIDS and the largest men pageant in Africa.

It would also satisfy the African Continent and the world by organizing the best men pageant and creating a good foundation for effective HIV/AIDS propagation in future.

Mr Mensah said it would provide the platform for men to showcase their talent in the mist of adversaries from their peers and stand tall under any circumstances.

He explained that the winner would become the “The Outstanding Man HIV/AIDS Ambassador” who would use the fame to propagate the message about the menace of HIV/AIDS to society.

He would also run a year’s full time campaign as an HIV/AIDS Ambassador in Ghana.

The Outstanding Man which takes the form of a competition is open to Ghanaian men medically fit, possessing masculine features, between 18-35 years, residing in Ghana or abroad but must be a Ghanaian and had attained Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

The short code 1957 for mobile network would be used for the competition and interested participants would be required to text "the outstanding man" and their abode to this short code from May 19 - June 2.

The country has been zoned into four sectors, Upper West, East and Northern Region from June 2-3 at Modern City Hotel, Hospital Road in Tamale.

The second zone comprising Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions from June 5-6 in Kumasi, the third zone comprising Central and Western Regions from June 9-10 and the fourth zone comprising Eastern, Greater Accra and Volta Regions from June 12-14.

All contestants would be screened by a panel of judges based on criteria which would be decided by a committee instituted for the project.

Ten successful contestants would be selected from each sector, the 40 men selected would enter a second phase for the selection of 12 men who would enter the house on June 16.

Mr Mensah said the finalists would undergo orientation to the programme on HIV/AIDS, NHIS and environmental sensitization, training on self development and enhancing individual talents, entertainment variety night-chill out at Roxbury restaurant and bar.

The grand finale is scheduled for July 27 in the house.

Source: GNA

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