Ghana Union elects new officers

Time was when Ghana union's end of year elections saw the greatest gathering of members for the year. Everybody made it a point to attend and it was wonderful to see long lost friends and others one sees only once a year. Members came from outside Stockholm to make sure they didn’t miss the occasion. The elections were keenly contested with furious campaigns before the votes were cast. People rushed in droves to pay their dues on that day to be eligible to vote. The food was good and the atmosphere was one of great excitement. Those were the heydays of the union.
This weekend's elections could not be compared with those days but it still saw a good number of members turning up. Micah Kissi was re-elected to lead the union for the next two years. Josephine Antwi   Listening to president's speech
  A section of union members listening to the President's state of the union address
joined the executive for the first time as Secretary. Another new member was Godsby Kumassah who took over the treasury and Mahama Grace, who led the union in the past for several years, comes back as the new Vice President. George Adu-Boahene retained his post as Organising Secretary (what can the union do without him?), Felix Asare was voted Vice Secretary, Zainab Ladi took the vice-treasurer's post, and Diana Ablorh will help the Organising Secretary. Baba Ibrahim-Nabigah becomes the new Auditor of the union’s accounts. The important post of Cultural Secretary could not be filled and it will be the new executive's duty to find someone for the post as soon as practicable.
For the first time in the union's history, the electoral commission prepared a list of preferred candidates to be voted on. The electoral commissioner explained that this was the Swedish way of doing such   kids
  Some of the new members of the union including the youth who attended the end of year meeting

things. All the recommendations were approved with almost all the votes cast. Mr Jeff Dzulu, NDC Secretary, Swedish Branch, was present at the elections as an independent observer and helped in the counting of the votes.

Earlier in the day, the President gave a state of the union address enumerating all the achievements of the union in the past two years. He mentioned, among other things, the union’s activities in cooperation with the other Stockholm Ghana associations in the successful organisation of celebrations marking Ghana's golden jubilee last year, Ghana Union on Öpnna Kanalen, the union's webpage that has been active for the past two years, involvement in Val 2006 and the pilot study, initiated by Migrationsverket, carried out in Ghana on the possibility of returning to the motherland.

Among the shortcomings of the past two years was the inability to adequately organise the youth, failure to undertake any projects in Ghana and the proposed insurance policy for members that did not come on. The union gave thumbs up for the achievements of the past two years. There was a little money still left in the coffers of the union but the   Nii Adjei
  Nii Adjei delivering his report on the two-day youth course he attended at Linköping

accounts for the full year were not available and the president promised that this would be made available in due course.

Nii-Adjei, who travelled all the way from Jonköping to attend the meeting, gave a report on the youth course, Youth in Action, he attended at Linköping on behalf of the union. He distributed material he brought from the course and presented a certificate he earned from the two-day course.  
The meeting was attended by some new members and there were lots of children playing in the corridors. The food was good and there was a lot for all to eat and even take home. It all looked almost like the heydays of the union – almost.

(Read the President's state of the union address here)

Kofi Sapathy

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