Ghana Union holds fashion show for youth
Young models
When the children and the youth from various parts of Africa showed up on time, it made me believe that they must have exerted some amount of pressure on their parents to beat the time of 14.00. This is something adults have to learn from. The lamps in the hall went dim and the stage lights came on revealing a background of a bright and colourful African cloth.
Two of the young models sporting dresses from African Design. Click on the image to see more pictures from the fashion show.

After a short introduction by Ms Comfort Aggrey, herself in a gorgeous Ghanaian blouse and shirt reflecting the nature of the show, the stage was set for the young models to come out. One by one the youngest of them elegantly cat-walked in wearing their well designed colourful African dresses sewn to suit both the African taste as well as non-African summer tastes.
The older children would not want to be outdone by their younger brothers and sisters. They took the show one professional notch up as the spectators drew closer to the stage to take a look not only at the mode on show but the models too. The cameras flashed from all angles and the young models enjoyed the performance as much as those who came to see them. The applause went on for long as designer, MS Josephine Antwi, lined up at the end of the show with her charges to acknowledge the cheers from the spectators.

There was an appeal to all parents to stay healthy and protect themselves from contracting any infectious diseases. The evening ended with a dance session that ended early since most of those who attended were too young to stay out too late.

It was a most successful evening even if better publicity could have brought in even more spectators to this fabulous show of African creativity. Ghana union in Stockholm, organisers of the event, wishes to thank Kulturförvaltning for their generous support as well as Ms Josephine Antwi and African Design and all the young girls and boys who served as models for the evening.

Click here to see more images from the show

Suberu Salaam

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