Exhibition of Ashanti gold artefacts opens in Stockholm

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An exhibition of gold artefacts from the Ashanti kingdom opened on Wednesday at Kungliga Myntkabinettet, Sweden's economic

museum, in Stockholm. The opening ceremony was performed by Joe Frans, chairman of Forum Syd. Entitled: Guldets kungadom: en utställning om makt och rikedom i ett afrikanskt land (The kingdom of gold: an exhibition about power and wealth in an African country) the exhibition is to mark Ghana's 50th anniversary of independence.   Joe Frans
  Joe Frans, Chairman of Forum Syd, delivers his address at the opening of the exhibition. Click on image for more pictures

The invited guests heard Joe Frans, in his address, trace the role of gold in Ghanaian culture from historical times to the present day. Torbjörn Sundquist, in charge of the exhibition, said it was one of the last events marking Ghana's golden jubilee and was the first of its kind in Sweden. He thanked all those who helped in making the show possible including Ghana Union, Paul Idun and Nana Yaa who contributed their personal items to the exhibition.

Ghana union's Agoromma put up an impressive show the kind of which has not been seen in a long time. George Adu-Boahene poured libation daring the daunting task of invoking the gods and spirits of Asanteman in a foreign land to bless and guard over the occasion. Agoroma then played adowa. Nana Yaa and Clementina took the intricate steps of that delicate dance. Agoroma's show ended with kpanlongo even if that dance style was far away from the gold soaked sands of Ashantiland.

Among the items on display are gold weights, trinkets, cowry shells and an animated picture of an Ashanti king sitting in state that blinks at intervals and breaths too. There is a short history of Ashanti and gold production in Ghana. One can read that Ghana is second to South Africa in the continent's production of gold and 10th in the world with 2.6 percent of world production which is more than 10 times Sweden's output.

Present at the ceremony were several members of the Ghanaian community who turned up in their bright African dresses, some African diplomats and other Africans. The exhibition is now open to the public and runs from December 6 till some time next year. For more information on opening hours, see http://www.myntkabinettet.se/index.htm

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Report and fotos: Kofi Sapathy

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