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The charter of the Yaa Asentewaa Prize

§1. The foundation’s aim is to observe Ghana’s Independence Day in Sweden by awarding a prize preferably to a woman with roots or strong links to Ghana living in Sweden who has worked in the spirit of Yaa Asantewa.

§2. The prize shall be awarded at a public ceremony on a Saturday before or after the 6th of March each year.

§3. The foundation shall have its seat in Stockholm.

§4. The foundation’s assets shall be made up of gifts or through other means.

§5. A committee consisting of five members, and sitting for a three year period, shall be set up to run the foundation and give out the prize. The committee’s chairperson shall be appointed by the executive of the Ghana Union. At least three of the members of the committee shall be women. One of the women in the committee shall be appointed by the women’s wing of the Ghana Union. The chairperson of the committee shall be a woman.

§6. A quorum of the committee shall be formed when at least four of the members are present. The committee’s decisions shall be arrived at when there is a majority in favour of that decision. In the event of a tie, the chairperson’s vote shall be binding. The committee shall, in other things, decide on its program and the best way to administer it.

§7. The committee shall decide the way recipients shall be nominated. A meeting to consider nominations shall be held at least one month prior to the award of the prize. The proceedings of the nomination process shall be kept secret.

§8. The auditors of the Ghana Union shall audit the accounts of the foundation.

§9. The signatories of the foundation shall be the person or persons, within or outside the foundation, whom the foundation has authorised to do so.

§10. The foundation shall be exempt from supervision in accordance with the foundation laws.

§11. The provisions in this charter can only be changed by a unanimous decision which is endorsed by the annual meeting of the Ghana Union. Any changes made shall, however, not result in a change of the aims of the foundation.


Stockholm, March 6th, 2005

Joe Frans, Founder.

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