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African Wear & Dance Evening
Saturday Sept. 2nd
Rotemannaväg. 26
19:00 - 03:00
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Homowo Celebration
September 30th

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Funeral Celebration
Dorcas Oteng Amponsah
October 7th
Tumba Folkets Hus
Scheeleväg. 41-43
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Africa Old School Timers' Autumn Party
October 28th

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The cosy life of Mugabe's children: The Mugabe brothers are having a night out again. Here they are showing off their outfits: distressed white denim, high-top sneakers, statement sunglasses. Now they're in a VIP booth at a club, swaying and swigging from bottles of Moët & Chandon while the music pumps. At some point they will post a flame emoji, indicating that the evening is “lit”. Like many millennials, Robert Mugabe junior and Bellarmine, his younger brother, shamelessly chronicle their days (and late nights) on Instagram, a social-media site for sharing pictures. Uniquely, however, their 93-year-old father is the president of Zimbabwe. The steady stream of photos and videos they post offers an unusual and oddly intimate window into their privileged personal lives. Lately the two brothers appear to be spending much of their time in Johannesburg. Life is more “lit” there than back home in Zimbabwe, where their father has ruined the economy. The Mugabe brothers are not the only scions of African strongmen who are tactless about what they share on social media. Lawrence Lual Malong Yor junior, the stepson of a South Sudanese general, documents his love of luxury on Facebook with photos of himself flying first-class and getting hot-stone massages. One video shows him lying in a pile of $100 bills (which he claims make up $1m that he will donate to charity). Read the rest...
MP politician resigns over racist comment about Somalians: Jonas Serneholt has been sacked from his post as political secretary for Miljöpartied in Järfalla, outside Stockholm. The local politician had called Somalians a "cancer growth" in a closed Facebook comment. A local party leader said Serneholt's comment is unacceptable and has no place in the party. Serneholt, who was very penitent when Stockholm newspaper, Stockholm Direkt, confronted him with the offending comment said he had written it at a time he was drunk. Now, he has left all his duties in the party.
Sweden - huge backlog of undecided asylum cases: More than 10,000 asylum seekers from 2015 are yet to be called for their first interview. Migrationsverket had set a goal of dealing with each asylum case within four months. The long delays in these cases have been put down partly to the fact that these particular cases are trickier and more difficult than the ones decided so far and also to the huge turnover of the workers who are to investigate these cases.
The crisis in Swedish politics - Löfven reshufles his cabinet: As a response to the threat of a vote of confidence by the opposition Alliance following the IT scandal, the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, has announced a reshufling of his government. He said this at a press conference on Thursday. Two of the three cabinet members who were the target of the proposed vote of confidence by the opposition, Anders Ygeman and Anna Johanson, have been dropped. Ygeman will take over as leader of the Social Democrats in the Parliament. Tomas Eneroth will be the new Infrastructure Minister and Morgan Johansson will take over the Interior ministry. Hélen Fritzon will be the new Migration Minister whiles Annika Strandhäll takes over as Minister for Social Affairs. The Defence Minister, Peter Hultqvist, one of the three ministers which the opposition wants dropped, will continue in his post. Löfven says Hultqvist has built a strong international network and the call for a no confidence vote against him is not serious. The minister for Health, Gabriel Wiksröm, has stepped down for reasons of health.
Immigrants responsible for the increase of illegal driving schools: Illegal driving schools are becoming a problem in the country. Immigrants are being held responsible for the increase in such illegal activities. Eva Grandestedt, the public prosecutor at the Economic Crimes Unit in Örebro, says the demand for the services of driving schools has increased with increased immigration since the illegal schools provide tuition in the home language of the learners. Swedish Television's investigations found some 40 people who own at least two cars that are used in teaching others to drive even though the owners do not have driving schools or licences to work as driving school teachers. Many of these foreign teachers have, themselves, been found guilty of comitting various traffic offences. Read more...  
  Immigrants are said to be responsible for the increase in the number of illegal driving schools in the country
Fewer forced repatriations from Sweden: The number of forced Repatriation of asylum seekers whose applications were rejected has reduced. This is contrary to the govenment's plans. Only 590 persons were repatriated in the first four months of the year. This is 30 percent less than the figure in the same period last year. According to the border police, the reduction in number of forced repatriations is due to reduced resources. Moreover, more and more asylum seekers go into hiding before they can be repatriated. More of them than before also lack identification papers. Interior Minister, Anders Ygerman, does not think there is a lack of resources.
Ghana - government to review dual citizenship law: Government has begun the process of reviewing Ghana’s dual citizenship law, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said. Mr Akufo-Addo said this at this year's diaspora homecoming summit on the theme: “Development, Opportunity and Value” in Accra on Wednesday 5 July. While talking about the need to engage the Electoral Commission to ensure that whatever is needed to make sure the Representation of the People’s Amendment Law (ROPAL) comes into effect, Nana Akufo-Addo said: “The same process of engagement is being undertaken to review the dual citizenship law and its effect. The process should conclude soon.” It is recalled that former Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Minister Hanna Tetteh had called for a review of the constitution to allow persons with dual citizenship serve in government. Her suggestion came after seven candidates of Nigerian heritage were elected into the parliament of the United Kingdom in the election held on Thursday June 8. “If I said this when in office, it would have been seen as self-serving. I think we should amend our laws for dual citizens to serve in government,” she said in a tweet. Meanwhile, it is against the constitution for persons holding dual citizenship to serve in public office in Ghana. To do that, one must renounce his/her citizenship of the foreign country.
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