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Suberu Memorial Nite
Saturday 24th November, 2018
Jämtlandsgat 115A Vällingby
19:00 - 01:00
Come let us honour the memory of Mr Suberu...
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Exchange Rates
Monday, November 12th
Daily Interbank FX Rates
Currency Buying(¢) Selling(¢)
Naira 63.22 63.28
Source: Bank of Ghana
Swedish FX Bank Rates
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Source: Forex Bank, Sweden
Ghana - biometric passport forms available free online: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has announced a new procedure for passport acquisition in Ghana. According to the Ministry, the move is in recognition of difficulties associated with passport acquisition in the country. A free Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the paper-based (Manual) Passport Form has been introduced to applicants on the Ministry's Portal, Effective Thursday, November 1, 2018. Click here to see all the procedures: or  
  Application forms for Ghanaian passports are now available free online on the Foreign Ministry and Passport Office websites

Foreign nationals allowed into armed forces without having lived in the UK: Foreign nationals who live abroad will be eligible to join the armed forces, as British residency requirements for service are scrapped. The Ministry of Defence has removed the need for Commonwealth citizens to have lived in the UK for five years before applying for service. The military hopes to recruit 1,350 extra personnel from overseas every year to the Navy, Army and Air Force. It comes as the armed forces are struggling to recruit enough servicemen and women to fill a shortfall in their ranks. In April, a National Audit Office report said the full-time military was running at a 5.7% shortfall. Read more...

  The British Army is looking for recruits to fill its ranks and will accept foreign nationals who live abroad
GaDangme Union in Stockholm celebrates 20th anniversary: Members and well-wishers gathered at Vällingby to celebrate the 20th annivesary of the founding of the GaDangme association in Stockholm. The occasion was marked by many activities including a narration of the history of the union, the cutting of a huge anniversary cake, popping of champagne, traditional Ga dances and performances by other groups. Individuals who performed meritorious services for the union were honoured with beautifully decorated plaques. There was a lot of food including komi ke kenan and even kpokpoi and palm fruit soup. And a lot to drink too. The kpanlogo medley was enjoyed by all and the dancing went on till the early hours of the morning.  
  Members of the GaDangme Union help the president, Mr Allotey, to cut the annivesary cake
Ghana ranks 108th on the World Happiness Report 2018: The World Happiness Report is a survey of global happiness. The 2018 report ranks 156 countries by their happiness levels, and 117 countries by the happiness of their immigrants. The rankings for this year’s report are based on results from Gallup World Poll surveys from 2015 to 2017. According to the report, Ghana ranks 108. This puts the West African country behind Russia (59), Libya (70), Pakistan (75), Nigeria (91), Cameroon (99), Gabon (103), and Ivory Coast (107). The top ranking country in the report is Finland followed by Norway. Sweden is in 9th place. The biggest gainer is Togo, which moved up 17 places in the overall rankings from the last position it held in the 2015 rankings. The biggest loser is Venezuela. Burundi is in last place. See full report here...
  Ghanaians are not among the happiest people in the world as they are in the bottom half of the happiness table
Why is Trump so popular in Africa?: Donald Trump has never set foot in Africa. And he has seldom been polite about the continent either, allegedly dismissing Nigerians as hut-dwellers and African states as “shitholes”. Yet he is more popular in Africa than in any other region, according to a 25-nation survey by Pew, a pollster. Some 59% of Nigerians and 56% of Kenyans believe he is a positive influence on world affairs. South Africans are less keen: only 39% express confidence in Mr Trump. But that is still 12 percentage points higher than the global median. Read the rest...  
  Most Kenyans and Nigerians like him, and not just because they like America. He is most popular in the Philippines and least popular in Mexico
Löfven asked to build new government: S-ledaren Stefan Löfven har fått i uppdrag att sondera läget för att bilda en ny regering, säger talman Andreas Norlén. Beskedet kommer efter att Norlén träffat partiledarna under en andra talmansrunda. Han uppmanar parterna att börja förflytta sina positioner så att en regeringsbildning ska vara möjlig. Löfven har två veckor på sig för sin sondering. Han har fått ett öppet mandat för att försöka hitta en regering som kan tolereras av riksdagen.
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EU summit approves sealing off the Mediterranean from refugees
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