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Are Ethiopian Jews "real" Jews?: Ethiopian Jews claim their ancestors belonged to the lost tribe of Dan, which dispersed when the ancient kingdom of Israel fell, over 2,700 years ago. But, largely isolated, their practices differ from those of mainstream Jews. The Falash Mura have another problem: Israel’s high court long ago ruled that Jews who converted to another religion, and their descendants, are not eligible under the law of return. The government does not consider the group fully Jewish. Read the rest...  
  Ethiopian Jews have been isolated for so long that their practices differ from those of mainstream Jews
GUSS decides on a variety of issues: The Ghana Union in Stockholm, meeting at its general monthly meeting at the weekend, decided on measures to improve the union's website and give it a more professional look. The union also continued its look at the consitution to understand it towards a future review. Two new members were introduced. The meeting, which was not carried on Zoom, was well attended. The spacious halls of SENSUS at Medborgahuset provided ample space for social distancing.  
  A cross-section of members at the month's general meeting. Social distancing was fully observed
The Agyapa deal - what's the rush? When Portuguese mariners first dropped anchor in the mouth of the river Pra in what is now Ghana, they heard of goldfields so rich that for the following five centuries the entire region became known as the Gold Coast. The promise of wealth sparked a rush to grab land, build forts and secure bullion. A somewhat more genteel rush is now under way to sell the rights to most of the government’s bullion royalties. The deal is aimed at providing cash now against income from royalties in the future. Yet it is also causing controversy, with critics raising questions over the rushed and opaque process. Read more...  
  Critics point to the lack of transparency over the recruitment of Agyapa’s boss, who happens to be the son of the senior minister in cabinet and a schoolboy chum of the deputy finance minister
Tecken på ökad smitta i Stockholm: Region Stocholm ser tecken på en ökande smittspridning av covid-19. -Den nedåtgående trenden, att antal smittade minskar, har brutits. Förhoppningsvis är det ett hack i kurvan, säger hälso- och sjukvårdsdirektören Björn Eriksson. Fram till i dag har 2 403 personer med bekräftad covid-19 avlidit i regionen. I nuläget är 27 patienter inlagda på sjukhus varav två är allvarligt sjuka och intensivvårdas. Enligt Eriksson testar sig fler men det finns tecken på ökad smitta. (SVT text, September 22, 2020)
Public spending in Ghana: Ghana has long struggled to spend sensibly. A new initiative may help. Tuberculosis is a terrible disease. It destroys lungs from the inside out, leaving sufferers coughing up the bloody remains. In Ghana too few people are diagnosed in time: the disease kills over 15,000 people a year, about 5% of all deaths. But a recent pilot scheme shows that diagnosis can be faster and more accurate simply by whisking samples from clinics that lack the latest testing technology to the nearest well-equipped testing centre. This could save more than 3,000 lives in six years if plans to scale up were followed through. Since the benefits are estimated at 166 times the costs over 20 years, the scheme is patently a fine idea. Read the rest from The Economist...

African entertainers are wowing global audiences: “I swear to make sure you never forget about me,” sings Burna Boy on the opening track of “Twice as Tall”, which was released last month. These days there is little chance of that. The Nigerian musician’s fifth album, an evocative blend of contemporary sounds, score-settling and social commentary, topped the streaming charts in dozens of countries. It was streamed 5m times in the hour after it came out. Burna Boy is one of the biggest stars associated with Afrobeats also known as Afropop. Read more from The Economist...

  African pop artists are popular outside the continent and American artists are cashing in on them
Tegnell om dödstalen: Väldigt komplext: Den snabba nedstängningen av Norge räddade liv. Det anser landets smitt-skyddschef Frode Forland. Men enligt Anders Tegnell finns det flera för klaringar till varför dödstalen mellan Sverige och Norge skiljer sig åt. -Det här är en väldigt komplex situation och det finns väldigt många anledningar till att det skiljer sig, säger Anders Tegnell i Morgonstudion. Han vill inte recensera de norska insatserna, men säger att han inte tror att en nedstängning av Sverige hade påverkat smittspridningen påäldreboenden. (SVT text, September 18, 2020)
Moderaterna vill utvisa gängkriminella utan dom: M vill att fler gängkriminella som är utländska medborgare ska utvisas, även om de inte är dömda för något brott. -Som vi vet är det ett allvarligt läge på alla möjliga sätt, säger M-ledaren Ulf Kristersson, när partiet under torsdagen presenterade ett tiopunkts- program mot gängkriminaliteten. Partiet vill bl.a. att fler brott ska omfattas av utvisning. Man vill även utvidga existerande lagstiftning om särskild utlänningskontroll för att på så sätt kunna utvisa gängkriminella som utgör ett kvalificerat hot, även innan de hunnit begå något brott. (SVT text, September 15, 2020)
Covid-19 knocks out Nollywood: In the past two decades Nigeria’s film industry has blossomed into a mighty national asset. Its romances, family sagas and tales of derring-do are lapped up by many millions of viewers at home, across the rest of Africa and in the African diaspora. It employs more than a million people and generates nearly $2bn a year from cinema tickets and dvd sales, tv rights, royalties and fees. Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital and film hub, is said to produce more films than there are stars in the sky. But covid-19 has given Nollywood a nasty viral knock...  
  Nigeria’s film industry has taken a viral knock, but covid-19 may force it to sharpen up
SVT/Novus: Socialdemokraterna tappar: För andra mätningen i rad backar S i SVT/Novus väljarbarometer. Partiet har nu stöd av drygt 28 procent av väljarna och är tillbaka på samma nivå som vid valet 2018. Krisstämningen vid pandemiutbrottet fick folk att sluta upp kring sitt
lands ledning. Mönstret har återfunnits i flera europeiska länder, däribland Sverige. I maj nådde S en toppnotering på 31,5 procent. Nedgången till 28,3 procent i augusti är statistiskt säkerställd. Väljarflykten har främst gått till M och SD, enligt mätningen. Sammanställning av undersökningen: Socialdemokraterna: 28,3 % (-2,3) Moderaterna: 21,2 % (+0,5) Sverigedemokraterna: 19,4 % (+1,0) Vänsterpartiet: 9,3 % (-0,1) Centerpartiet: 7,6 % (-0,2) Kristdemokraterna: 5,8 % (+0,1) Miljöpartiet: 3,8 % (+0,4) Liberalerna: 2,9 % (-0,1). (Svt texttv)
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