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Saturday, 30th June, 2018
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June 29th
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Saturday, 4th August, 2018
Vårby Gård Beach
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FIFA World Cup - Tunisia completes North African fiasco: Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia have failed to make it beyond the group stage in the FIFA World Cup. Tunisia lost 5-2 to Belgium to complete what is a North African fiasco. They have all lost the two games that each of them has played so far. The last group games will be meaningless since victories there will not see them go further. Africa's hopes now lie on Senegal and Nigeria which have three points each from one and two games played respectively.

Ghana can face US visa restrictions: Ghana could be slapped with “visa restrictions” by the US government if it fails to comply with international obligations “regarding issuance of travel documents.” According to the US government, the West African nation has not been proactive in issuing travel documents to Ghanaians awaiting deportation in the USA hence the threat. “In December 2016, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) identified Ghana as being at risk of non-compliance on removals of those under deportation orders. Since then, the U.S. government has repeatedly engaged the Government of Ghana in both Washington, D.C., and Accra and has urged the government to abide by its international obligations and issue the necessary travel documents so that Ghanaians under deportation orders may depart the United States on commercial flights. Read full statement here...

FIFA World Cup - Morocco lose to Portugal: Morocco lost by the odd goal from a Ronaldo header early in the game to continue Africa's poor performance in Russia. Morocco played up and created several chances but poor finishing meant they now have no chance of going further from the group stage. This is Morocco's fourth World Cup appearance and they have never made it into the knockout stage. Their last game will be against in-form Spain. Uruguay's 1-0 victory over Saudi Arabia means both the Saudi and the Egyptians, with no points from two games each, are out of the competition.
FIFA World Cup - Senegal beats Poland but Egypt loses again: Senegal beat Poland 2-1 to give Africa its first victory in the ongoing games. But Egypt lost its second game 3-1 against hosts, Russia, who therby qualify for the knockout stages. Egypt is most probably out of the tournament but they have a last group game again Saudi Arabia who play their secon game tomorrow.
FIFA World Cup - Africa makes poor start to the games: Three losses in three games mean African teams have made a very poor start to this year's FIFA World Cup in Russia. Egypt lost by a last minute goal scored from a set piece to Uruguay and Morocco went down by the same margin to Iran when defender, Aziz Bouhaddouz, headed into his own net deep into stoppage time. Nigeria conceded an own goal and a penalty in their game 2-0 loss to Croatia. The Africans are yet to score a goal in this tournament and yet to win a point. But it is still early days. Tunisia take on England on Monday and Senegal face Poland on Tuesday to complete the African first group games. There are still chances for the Africans to qualify from the group stage.
Kingsley Sarfo gets two years in prison: Ghanaian born footballer, Kingsley Sarfo who plays for Malmö FF, was on Friday sentenced to two years and eight months in prison after having been found guilty in two cases of child rape. Sarfo will be repatriated from Sweden after serving his sentence. Daniel Andersson, Malmö's sports chief and current coach, has now commented on the case. "It is a tragic happening for all involved and something that has affected us negatively. Now that judgment has been given, we can go on," says Andersson. He added that the ball is now in the court of the club's directors who will decide if Sarfo will play for MFF again. The team's management has announced that it has decided to end Sarfo's contract with the team.
Norway bans burka and niqab in classrooms: Norway has banned all clothing that fully or partly covers the face in a teaching environment. It will be illegal in the future to wear dresses like burka or niqab in the classroom. A large majority in stortinget (the Norwegian parliament) voted for the new law. The new rule applies to both teachers and students. Arbeiderpartiet and Socialdemokraterna had wanted the rule to extend even outside the classroom. Last week, the Danish parliament (folketing) passed a law forbbiding the wearing of burka and niqab.
Cameroon discriminates against English speaking minority: The conflict started in October 2016, when English-speaking lawyers took to the streets complaining that legal documents were not being translated from French and that English-speakers were discriminated against. The country has been officially bilingual since its two constituent parts voted to form a federal republic after gaining independence in 1960 and 1961. But English-speakers, who make up less than a fifth of the population, say their regions get less than their fair share of public money and that the government forces them to use French in schools, courts and other public institutions. The government responded by cutting off the internet in English-speaking regions. Read all...  
  English speakers, who make up less than a fifth of Cameroon's population, say they are being discriminated against
Chinese workers and traders in Africa: Across Africa, state-owned companies like CHEC in Namibia are opening up new frontiers in China’s global economic expansion. They often recruit local workers. CHEC’s boss, Feng Yuanfei, says about half the staff are Namibians. Many locals are also employed at the Husab uranium mine, a vast opencast operation surrounded by desert about 70km north-east of Walvis Bay, which at around $5bn is one of China’s biggest investments in Africa. According to UNCTAD the amount of Chinese investment in the continent nearly tripled between 2010 and 2015, to $35bn>>>  
  A growing numbers of Chinese see opportunities in the developing world. Chinese investment in Africa reached $35 billion in 2015
Växjö allows Muslim prayer calls on loudspeakers: Stiftelsen Växjö muslimer får tillstånd för högtalarutsända böneutrop från en moské i staden en gång varje fredag. Enligt polismyndigheten, som beviljat tillståndet, får inte utropet ljuda starkare än 110 dBA "utomhus i förskolornas utemiljö", och 45 dBA "inomhus i bostäder och skolverk- samheter". Tillståndet gäller från och med nu och ett år framåt. Utropet får ske i tre minuter och 45 sekunder, med start kl 13 sommartid och kl 12 normaltid. Frågan om utropen är kontroversiell. -Det känns självklart bra, säger Avdi Islami, vid stiftelsen Växjö muslimer, angående böneutropen. Han vill att fler moskéer tar efter Växjös exempel. Kommunalrådet Anna Tenje (M) tror att moskéfrågan leder till mer splittring: -Jag tror inte att böneutrop kommer att stärka integrationen, utan snarare riskerar att dra isär Växjö ännu mer och bidra till fler motsättningar i ett läge där det redan finns motsättningar, säger Anna Tenje. Böneutrop förekommer redan vid en moské i Fittja, söder om Stockholm, samt i Karlskrona.
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Today, June 25th
Uruguay -:- Russia
(16:00 - TV4, Cmoresport)
Saudi Arabia-:- Egypt
(16:00 - Cmore, Sportkanalen)
Spain -:- Morocco
(20:00 - Svt1)
IR Iran -:- Portugal
(20:00 - Svt24)
Tomorrow, June 26th
Australia -:- Peru
(16:00 - TV4, Cmore)
Denmark-:- France
(16:00 - Svt1)
Nigeria -:- Argentina
(20:00 - Cmore, Sportkanalen)
Iceland -:- Croatia
(20:00 - TV4, Cmore)
England 6:1 Panama
Japan 2:2 Senegal
Poland 0:3 Colombia
Why birds have no teeth
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