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The Ghana Union meeting scheduled for September 25th has been postponed on account of the visit to Stockholm of the NPP Secretary
Other Activities
NPP General Secretary,
John Boadu,
visits Stockholm
Sunday, 25th September
Folketshus, Norsborg
15:00 - 18:00
All Ghanaians are invited to come and listen to the message of the Secretary of the largest opposition party in Ghana
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Monday, September 19th
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Young Nigerian born female artist makes it big in the US: Njideka Akunyil Crosby, a young artist based in Los Angeles, is currently the talk of the art world. Dozens of wealthy collectors want to buy her latest works, yet none is for sale—at least, not to private individuals. Ms Crosby’s first European solo show will open at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London on October 4th, the week that Frieze Art Fair starts. Now 33, she moved from Nigeria to America at the age of 16. Her “Afropolitan” identity has forged a highly distinctive visual style. She works mostly on paper, creating large-scale interiors that combine serene human figures with dense areas of collage and image-transfer that subversively evoke her Nigerian heritage. “Her paintings have a distinct vocabulary,” says Glenn Scott Wright, a director at Victoria Miro, which represents Ms Crosby. “You can go around an art fair with 10,000 works and you would know hers immediately.” Read the rest...   Crosby
  Now 33, Crosby was born in Nigeria and moved to the US at the age of 16
Only few who are refused asylum return to their countries: According to new regulations that came into effect on the first of June this year, those asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected lose the right to accommodation and monthly stipends. Of the 2500 persons whose payments have been wirthdrawn, only a few hundred have left the country. Migrationsverket thinks that 800-900 have gone under. One of the reasons for the new regulations is to free places at Migrationsverket's asylum centres and to force those whose applications have been rejected to leave the country. It is about persons whose applications have long been rejected but have not left the country. The regulations affect those asylum seekers who have received their final no and who can no longer appeal their cases. The rules apply to asylum seekers over 18 years. If an asylum seeker refuses to leave the country on his own, he can be repatriated by force. Some countries refuse to take their repatriated citizens. In such situations, the police cannot effect forced repatriation and the asylum seekers are allowed to stay.
Hadzialic can take home up to 1.5 million kronor for resigning: Gymnasie- och kunksapministern, Aida Hadzialic, who resigned her ministerial post after being caught by the police with 0.2 alcohol in her blood while driving, has applied for her serverance allowance. (The legal limit in Sweden is only 20mg per 100ml of blood.) If it goes through, she will be paid up to 1.5 million kronor for the year that she remains unemployed. According to the current regulations, she is entitled to 12 months' salary. Swedish cabinet ministers earn 127,000 kronor a month. The payment will be counted off from the time she gets a new employment. Aida, 29, was caught while driving back from a visit to Köpenhamn. But the prosecutor has called Aida for further questioning and thinks she may have too hastily admitted to her guilt. The procedure by which she was arrested will be examined. If she is still found guilty, she will be liable for a fine of 38,000 kronor.  
  Aida Hadzialic (29), Minister for Secondary Schools and Adult Education, was born in Bosnia Herzegovinia and is one of two Muslim ministers in Lövfen's cabinet
Secret safe dwelling places for persecuted asylum seekers: Migrationsverket has decided to open three secret safe dwellings for some asylum seekers after several cases of threats to asylum dwellings around the country. The new dwellings will be in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö nd each of which will have a place for 15 persons. They will all be situated at places with easy communication facilities. The big cities offer better networks for the affected persons. Haris Shabotikj has said that he has been threatened and manhandled at his asylum home because of his homosexuality in Sweden and in other countries. He thinks it is good that Migrationsverket is now investing in the safety homes because today's arrangements do not work well.
Asylum seekers demonstrate against new asylum laws: Hundreds of asylum seekers demonstrated in front of Riksdagen against the asylum laws which went into effect on July 20. The new laws introduce temporary residence permits and toughen the conditions under which family re-unions will be permitted. The laws take effect retroactively and affect those all those who applied after November 24, 2015 and were granted stays after July 20, 2016. The law will be in effect for three years. The demonstrators came from all over the country.  

The demonstrators came from all over the country and were prepared to stay overnight outside the parliament building



Nigerian behind $60 mn online fraud network arrested: A Nigerian behind an online fraud network which engineered scams worth more than $60 million (54 million euros) has been arrested in southern oil city of Port Harcourt, Interpol said on Monday. "The 40-year-old Nigerian national, known as 'Mike', is believed to be behind scams totalling more than $60 million involving hundreds of victims worldwide," the international police organisation said in a statement. "In one case, a target was conned into paying out $15.4 million," Interpol said, indicating that the arrest was carried out with the support of Nigeria's anti-graft agency the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). "The network compromised email accounts of small to medium businesses around the world including in Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, Romania, South Africa, Thailand and the United States," it said. The suspect ran a network of at least 40 people working from Nigeria, Malaysia and South Africa which used malware and carried out the fraud, and he also had money laundering contacts in China, Europe and the US who provided bank account details for the illicit cash flow. "Following his arrest in Port Harcourt in southern Nigeria, a forensic examination of devices seized by the EFCC showed he had been involved in a range of criminal activities including business e-mail compromise and romance scams," it said. The suspect and a fellow fraudster, 38, who was also arrested in the city, face charges including hacking, conspiracy and obtaining money under false pretences.

Large increase in immigrants without residence permits expected: The number of immigrants living in Sweden without residence permits is expected to increase a lot in the coming five years. According to an overview made by SVT, by 2020, up to 40,000 of those whose applications for stay have been denied will continue living in the country. Migrationsverket estimates that 148,000 applicants will be denied permits between 2016 and 2020. According to the estimates, about half this figure will leave the country on their own and a few others will have their quit orders rescinded on various humanitarian grounds. The rest, about 63,000, will be handed over to the police for repatriation. The police say they are able to execute only a third of the repatriation orders they get. This means they will not be able to repatriate more than 40,000 immigrants by 2020. Border Police boss, Patrik Engström, expects this number to increase. Minister of Interior, Anders Ygeman (S), is not happy with the situation. According to him the consequences are serious. Those involved are forced to live a life outside the Swedish legal system as they engage in criminal activities or do "svartjobb".
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