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GUSS General Meeting
Sun, August 30th

15.00 hours
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Sat, August 15
Rågsved park
13.00 hours
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Sat, August 15
Stockhomsv. 118
T-bana Sandbsorg

15.00 - 22.00 hrs
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Monday, August 10th
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GUSS grillfest in time of Covid-19: Despite the pandemic hanging over our heads, Ghana Union’s grillfest went on successfully two weeks ago at Vårby strand. There were the usual threats – lots of meat, drinks and games. The ladies won a tough tug of war competition against the men. The kids also had tug of war. Social distancing was observed. Union president, Hien Dechor, took the opportunity to invite people to join the Union – the only one in Stockholm that is for all Ghanaians irrespective of their backgrounds. Sixteen individuals signed up for membership. Click here to see pictures from the occasion...  
  Mr Kwasi Kumah, the grill master, tending the meat at this year's GUSS grill
Bigotry against black people poisons in the Arab world: Faustina Tay, a Ghanaian maid in Lebanon, was found dead in March in the car park underneath the home where she worked. Doctors ruled her death the result of a fall. Her case was not unusual. Even before the economic crisis, human-rights groups estimated that around two domestic workers died each week in Lebanon, mostly by suicide. In June a Ghanaian television channel covered the return of 211 citizens from Lebanon, most of them female domestics. They described long hours, beatings and having to steal food to survive. “They don’t respect us,” one woman said. Read it all...  
  Dark-faced people face discrimination in the Arab world where they are called names like abd (slave)
Sudan’s Bashir stands trial over 1989 coup: Sudan's former president Omar al-Bashir, ousted amid a popular uprising last year, went on trial Tuesday over the military coup that brought him to power more than three decades ago. Bashir, 76, who is already behind bars for corruption, could face the death penalty if convicted over his 1989 coup against the democratically elected government of prime minister Sadek al-Mahdi. Dozens of people, mostly Bashir's supporters, gathered outside the courthouse in the capital, Khartoum, as the former president was brought from jail and the proceedings got underway. Read the rest...   Sudan’s Bashir stands trial over 1989 coup
  Bashir, 76, could face the death penalty if convicted over his 1989 coup against a democratically elected government
Fler testas - allt färre smittade: Antalet nyupptäckta smittofall i Sve rige fortsätter att minska samtidigt som allt fler testas. Förra veckan rapporterades 2 789 fall, en minskning med över 40 proc från veckan före. Allt fler covidfall är också lindriga, framgår det av Folkhälsomyndighetens
veckorapport. 81 801 tester analyserades, och bara 3,4 procent av dem visade på en pågående infektion. Veckan före var andelen 6,2 procent. Antalet analyse rade tester är ett nytt veckorekord under pandemin, men fortfarande en bra bit från målet på 100 000 per vecka. (SVT text)

Covid-19 deaths in Sweden - every third person who died of Covid-19 died alone: It is said that nearly 50 per cent of Swedes live alone. One of the grim effects of this was brought home by figures released from the Swedish Palliative Register. According to the register, every third person who died of covid-19 in Sweden died alone. 34% of those who passed away died without another person in the room. Often, the person at the patient’s side at the moment of death is the hospital staff. Only one in five had a close relative present in the room when they died. The statistics are based on 2,882 reported deaths of people who had an ongoing Covid-19 infection, a suspected infection or who had suffered from the infection. (SVT teletext)

Allt fler vill ha färre asylsökande: En växande majoritet vill att Sverige minskar asylmottagandet, enligt en mätning som Novus har gjort för SVT. 63 procent svarade att Sverige bör ta emot färre asylsökande än 2019, då 22 000 sökte asyl. Förra gången frågan ställdes, 2018, var det 56 procent som ville minska mottagningen. Andelen som vill ta emot fler asylsökande har samtidigt minskat från 12 till 8 procent. Förändringarna är statistiskt signifikanta enligt Novus. 19 proc svarade "lika många som idag". Drygt 1 000 personer tillfrågades. Starkt stöd för volymmål. En majoritet av väljarna vill att Sverige inför en gräns för hur många asylsökande som ska tas emot varje år, enligt Novus undersökning för SVT. 28 procent svarade att gränsen bör ligga vid 10 000 per år och 8 procent satte gränsen vid 20 000. 16 procent svarade att inte en enda bör tas emot. 7 procent valde mer generösa volymmål. 11 procent sade helt nej till en övre gräns, medan 29 proc svarade "vet ej". Frågan är en av de mest kontroversiella i partiernas förhandlingar om migrationspolitiken. (SVT textv)
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