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Sat., August 3rd
Vårby gård
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Etbon gives thanks to God
Sat., August 17th
14:00 hours
Hallunda torg

(Direct after church service)
Tomtbergaväg 4
(Opposite Botkyrka folkshögskolan)
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Monday, July 15th
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GUSS grilfest attracts many people: It was one of the best attended bbqs organised by GUSS. And it happened at Vårby Park. GUSS provided the meat but other Ghanaian organisations in town contributed other items too. Friendship Association came with jollof rice, Ga-Dagme brought kenkey and Asantemankuo came with fish. There was a lot to eat. The increased number of Ghanaians in Stockholm was shown by the many Ghanaian attendees. It was a festival and there was dancing and drumming. And, oh, vi hade också tur med värdret! See pictures here...
  The GUSS organised barbercue at Vårby gård attracted many Ghanaians who were in a festive mood...
Israel's black Jews: Nearly all the Jews in Ethiopia, whose ancestors had lived in Africa for centuries, moved to Israel quite recently. Big airlifts began in the 1980s, when Ethiopia suffered tyranny and famine. A sympathetic Israel welcomed them with open arms, though rabbis had long debated whether the Beta Israel, as they are known, were really Jewish (and therefore eligible for Israeli citizenship). Today there are 150,000 of them in Israel (1.7% of the population). Their claims of systematic racism and police brutality are met, on the whole, with condescending denial. More...  
  The claims by the black Jews of systematic racism and police brutality are met with condescending denial.
AFCON 2019 - top winners falling off as Ghana also loses: First, it was hosts, Egypt with 7 stars on their jersey indicating the number of times they have won the African Cup, which crashed out of its own competition when they were beaten 1-0 by South Africa in the Round of 16 games. Then it was the turn of Cameroon, five times winners, who lost 2-3 to Nigeria in the same Round of 16 game. Ghana has four victories to its credit. This did not help as the Black Stars lost to Tunisia on penalties in the last Group of 16 game. In seven previous AFCON meetings between the two countries, the Tunisians managed only one drawn game and lost all the rest. They have now bettered that statistics. Ghana's championship drought continues. The last time the Black Stars won was in 1982 - 37 years ago. Since then they have been losing finalists three times and made the semis eight times. The quarter final games are lined up: Nigeria (three victories) take on South Africa (one championship trophy), Côte d'Ivoire (two victories) face Algeria (which has won once), Madagascar take on Tunisia (with one championship victory despite several appearances) and Senegal meet Benin with neither ever winning the trophy. If the trend of most past winners losing continues, Nigeria should be next, followed by Côte d'Ivoire... Shall we see a first time winner this year? Senegal remains the bookmakers' favourite. They have never won it before. Will they this time? The games continue with quarter-final action on Wednesday. The final game will be played on Friday, July 19th, at the Cairo International Stadium.
Asylum seekers - government relaxes rules on family reunions: Riksdagen has relaxed rules for family reunions of asylum seekers who come from Syria. M and SD voted against the new rules. The two opposition parties also voted against the continuation of the so called "gymnasielagen" which allows unaccompanied young asylum seekers to stay in the country and finish their studies. At the same time, the rules that say temporary, and not permanent, stay permits should apply to those who are allowed to stay have been extended. Only V wanted a less strick asylum rules.
New report talks of record numbers of asylum seekers worldwide: A new UNHCR study reports that 70 million persons, half of whom are children, are seeking asylum. The number of asylum seekers worldwide increased by 2.3 million persons in 2018. The total number of asylum seekers has doubled in the past 20 years. Many of these are internal asylum seekers. Four persons out of five seeking asylum do so in a country that borders their own. Armed conflict in only five countries is responsible for more than two-thirds of the world's asylum seekers. The countries harbouring the greatest numbers of asylum seekers are: Turkey (3.7 million), Pakistan (1.4 million), Uganda (1.3 million), Sudan and Germany (1.1 million each).
Congo's embassy in Stockholm faces eviction: The embassy of the Republic of Congo has been several years behind in payment of rent on the embassy building. Now, the embassy's landlord, Probitas, says it has had enough. Propitas is asking a magistrate's court to slap eviction orders on the embassy. Propitas is also demanding 929,143 kr in unpaid rent for the 111 square meters property with garage and store room. The country's lawyers have written to the court explaining that it is all a misunderstanding due to language difficulties and has asked for a delay in payment of the debt.
Child abuse in Senegal's makranta schools: Mbar was 11 when his father sent him from his village to a religious school on the outskirts of Senegal’s holy city of Touba. His teacher made him recite passages from the Koran in the morning. Then he was sent out to the streets to beg for money for his master until night fell. If he misbehaved, he was beaten or starved. After two years Mbar ran away to his village. But his father sent him to another school. This time he was not made to beg. Instead, he was chained to the classroom wall. “I couldn’t move," says Mbar, in a cracked voice. Read the rest from The Economist...
  Thousands of children are abused in Senegal's religious schools - The Economist

Ghana embassy in Oslo commences consular services: The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Copenhagen, Denmark, wishes to inform the general public that with effect from 13th May, 2019 all Consular applications from Norway must be forwarded to the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Oslo, Norway. Enquires on all Consular applications or services must be forwarded to: THE EMBASSY OF GHANA, Akersgata 1, 0158 Oslo, Norway. Telephone: 0047 21959892 Email:

From our archives - Union commissions project in Asonomaso: October 30th, 1994, marked one of the proudest moments of the Ghana Union in Stockholm. It was the day the union's maiden project, a four-classroom JSS school block, was commissioned in Asonomaso in the Ashanti Region. The 220,000 kr project was jointly financed by SIDA/BIFO and the GUSS which contributed 20% of the funds from its own coffers. Read all about the project from the union newsletter of September 1994...  
  The JSS classroom block jointly built by GUSS and SIDA/BIFO in Asonomaso, Ashanti Region was commissioned in October 1994
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Friday, 19th July
Senegal 0:1 Algeria
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Union commissions JSS block at Asonomaso, October 1994...
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