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Eric fyller 40
Come let us celebrate with him
Sunday, Dec 25th, 2016
Folkhögskola, Hallunda
Tomtbergavägen 14 Norsborg
19:00 - 03:00
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Singapore tops latest PISA results: Singapore outperforms the rest of the world in the OECD’s latest PISA survey, which evaluates the quality, equity and efficiency of school systems. The top OECD countries were Japan, Estonia, Finland and Canada. The OECD's PISA 2015 tested around 540,000 15-year-old students in 72 countries and economies on science, reading, maths and collaborative problem-solving. The main focus was on science, an increasingly important part of today’s economy and society. Sweden came in at place 28 which is just above the OECD average but the worst in the Nordic countries of which it is a part. In the latest report, only two African countries, Tunisia and Algeria were included. Both found themselves at the tail end of the rankings with Algeria coming in second to last. Ghana was included in the 2013 PISA survey and came dead last. This caused a lot of negative comments in the country about the educational performance of our 15-year olds. Ghana was not included in the latest survery and we, thereby, escaped coming last and being the butt of mean jokes around the world. That position will now be taken by Dominican Republic.

Ghana - all set for general elections on Wednesday, December 7: Everything seems to be set for this year's general elections on Wednesday, December 7th. Ghanaians will elect a President and Members of Parliament for the next four years. According to the Electoral Commission's website, there are 25 political parties registered with the commission, 28992 polling stations across the country and 15,712,499 registered voters. Polls will open at 08.00 hours and close at 17.00 hours. Special voting is already going on for those who will be involved in the election process on Wednesday. Click here for the official results from the Electoral Commission's website which, as at now, does not offer adequate information on the forthcoming elections.
Fake US Embassy in Ghana shut down after a decade of issuing counterfeit visas: A fake US Embassy in Ghana operated by organized crime gangs has been shut down after a decade of operations which included issuing counterfeit US visas. The US Department of State revealed in a statement that the sham embassy was run by Ghanian and Turkish criminals as well as a Ghanaian attorney who practiced immigration and criminal law. The bizarre enterprise operated for around 10 years at a property in the capital Accra, where the real US embassy is also located. The fake embassy issued fraudulent documents at a cost of $6,000 to prearranged clients and advertised in Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and Togo. Read the rest...  
  Some 150 passports were collected during the raid. The fake embassy issued counterfeit visas to the US, Schengen zone, India, South Africa and fake IDs
US warns citizens over possible poll violence in Ghana: The United States (US) Embassy in Accra has warned US citizens domiciled in Ghana to be cautious of their movements around the country as the December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections draw nearer. A statement issued by the embassy on Friday November 25 titled: ‘Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Safety Considerations and the Upcoming Elections’ said although the Embassy had no information regarding planned protests, it wanted to make Americans aware that social disruptions or protests could occur with little or no warning throughout Ghana. The statement further said: “Exercise caution during the election process, particularly around polling locations in the weeks before and after the elections. Even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence. Avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place and exercise caution when in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations. >>>
The Economist on Ghana's forthcoming elections: Apart from a few billboards, most of them hailing the accomplishments of the incumbent, John Mahama, there are few visible signs that either the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) or the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) are campaigning vigorously for the support of voters. The NPP’s muted campaign is easily explained: it last formed a government eight years ago and its coffers are almost empty. Without a victory this year it will struggle to finance another serious bid for the presidency in four years' time. Read the rest...  
  The Economist thinks the NPP is preparing for defeat by complaining that the elections will be rigged
Ghana's oil production to reach 240,000 barrels: Ghana's dily crude oil production is expected to reach 240,000 barrels by 2020. This will be achieved when the three oil fields currently in operation reach their maximum output. But this will depend on increased investment in the industry. The coutry's total oil reserves have been put currently at 1.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent. This is relatively small compared with Nigeria's reserves of 40 billion barrels of oil equivalent. Nearly 200 million barrels of Ghana's reserves have been already produced. This makes the need of improving the replacement ratio all the more critical. Read more...  
  Ghana's oil production is expected to reach 240,000 barrel a day by 2020
Okwabi - gone but not forgotten: It is Alla helgöns dag, a day Swedes set aside to remember their loved ones who passed away. There are visits to the cemetary where candles and flowers are laid on the graves of the departed. It was on such a day as this, last Saturday, cold as it was, that friends of Emmanuel Ayah Okwabi visited his grave side at S:t Bodvids Kyrkogård, Huddinge. They laid flowers and candles on his grave. Okwabi died sometime in November 2015 and was buried on the 29th of January 2016. The Ghana Union in Stockholm plans to mark the first year of his burial with another visit to the grave site. Announcements will be made as the date approaches.  
  A few friends of Ayah Okwabi were at S:t Bodvids kyrkogård in Huddinge to light candles and put flowers on his grave on Alla helgöns dag
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