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Mat i utbyte mot sex i Ghana: Det har utsatta kvinnor i Ghana tvingats till under tio år – med hjälp av bistånd där Sverige är storgivare. Bortom skandalen finns svindlerier för miljarder. ”Något av det värsta jag läst”, säger korruptionsexperten Louise Brown. Det har tagit två år att utreda. Nu kommer slutsatserna: Miljardbistånd från den internationella organisationen Globala fonden har missbrukats i ett projekt i Ghana där ansvariga tvingat hiv-smittade kvinnor att betala för mat och boende med sexuella handlingar. Under tio år. Read the rest on SvD (subscriptions only)...

  A report says millions of aid money have been misused in Ghana where where food was paid for with sex by HIV patients
Better malaria vaccine proved in Burkina Faso trials: A new malaria vaccine developed by researchers at the Oxford University and scientists from Burkina Faso has proven 77% effective against the disease in early trials – a figure far higher than any existing treatments. The study, published in the Lancet, involved 450 children from Burkina Faso – and will now move to large-scale trials. More than 4,800 children below three years will be recruited in the next trial. This will take place in Burkina Faso, Mali, Kenya and Tanzania. Finding an effective malaria vaccine is seen as one of the holy grail of medical research. Read more from BBC...  
  The new malaria vaccine is 77% effective at stopping infection - a rate far higher than any existing treatment
45 dödsfall - 6 814 nya smittade: Ytterligare 45 dödsfall med bekräftad covid-19 har registrerats sedan i tisdags, uppger Folkhälsomyndigheten. Därmed har 13 578 smittade personer avlidit i Sverige i pandemin. Totalt har 841 807 i Sverige bekräftats smittade av covid-19. Det är 6 814 fler än i går, tisdag. 1 815 281 vaccindoser har getts. 1 274 352 personer har fått minst en dos, vilket motsvarar 15,6 procent av den vuxna befolkningen. 540 929 personer har fått två doser, vilket motsvarar 6,6 proc. Antalet intensivvårdade har ökat med 63 personer sedan i går. (Svt text April 8, 2021)
The latest official figures from Ghana put the total number of dead from Covid-19 at 752 and 91, 009 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic. 599,128 vaccines have been administered in the country as at April 7, 2021.
Ghana - Friday and Monday declared public holidays: A statement issued by the Ministry of Interior has informed Ghanaians that Good Friday falling on April 2nd, and Easter Monday on April 5th will be observed as statutory public holidays. Ghanaians will have four days free from work this weekend. It is customary for Ghanaians to go out on picnic on Easter Monday. But the Covid pandemic is likely to dampen this favourite activity.
GUSS swears in new executive: Members of the new executive of the Ghana Union in Stockholm were sworn in at an online ceremony on Sunday, 28th March. It was the first of its kind in the history of the union. Members took the oath of office from their homes repeating after Kofi Sapathy before whom the oath was sworn. The new executive will be in power for two years and was urged by members to deliver on their promises.
Covid Sverige - 56 dödsfall och 6 781 nysmittade: 56 nya dödsfall med covid-19 har registrerats sedan i går. Därmed uppgår det totala antalet avlidna till 13 228 sedan pandemin startade, enligt Folkhälsomyndigheten. Sammanlagt har 732 070 personer bekräftats smittade av covid-19. Det är en ökning med 6 781 nya fall sedan i går. Hittills har 1 223 422 vaccindoser getts i landet, baserat på vad regionerna har rapporterat in till vaccinationsregistret. 861 525 har har fått minst en dos, motsvarande 10,5 proc av den vuxna befolkningen. (Svt text March 17, 2021)
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