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Summer time is here again: Tomorrow, Sunday March 26th, will be the time to change to summer time. The official hour is 0200 which will become 0300 as the clock will be moved one hour ahead. Sweden and all of Central Europe will now be two hours ahead of Ghana. This is the change that can make you get to work one hour late if you don't adjust your clock. It is advisable to make the changes before you get to bed. Laptops, tablets, smartphones and radio controlled clocks will change automatically. But don't forget your wall clocks and wrist watches and especially your alarm clock!
Cameroon - trials of English speaking secessions continues: A trial of political activists reopens today, but not all Cameroonians can follow it online: more than two months ago the government blocked the internet across English-speaking regions of the officially bilingual but predominantly French-speaking country. Two of the accused lead a secessionist group, and the third is a protester who rallied against the government’s treatment of its English-speaking minority. All three have been locked up for weeks, facing charges including “complicity in hostility against the homeland”. They will be tried under anti-terrorism legislation, originally drafted to fight Boko Haram—and could face the death penalty. The trial is emblematic of growing strife between the government and Cameroon’s English speakers; at least six people have been killed and scores injured since December. Meanwhile the internet blackout has crippled the online economy of areas renowned for entrepreneurship, and protests have stoked opposition to Paul Biya, the country’s 84-year-old president. The Anglophones will continue to angle for better.
Ghanaians in Stockholm celebrate 60th Independence Anniversary: The Ghana @60 celebrations in Alby saw what many agree was the largest ever gathering of Ghanaians in Stockholm. The activities concentrated on the ever increasing number of second generation Ghanaians in the country. The children sang the national anthem, danced adowa and the youth manned the bandstand in a live performance. The elderly were not forgotten and many received awards for their contributions to the Ghanaian society in Stockholm. There were the usual Ghanaian dishes and the dancing went on till the last minute. See pictures from the day...  

The young ones singing the Ghana National Anthem at the start of the activities. They also performed several Ghanaian dances to the delight of the large crowd


African football - Issa Hayatou loses CAF presidency: Madagascar Football Association chief Ahmad has been elected Confederation of African Football president, ending Issa Hayatou's 29-year reign. Ahmad won 34 of the 54 votes in the election, which was held in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa. Ahmad, who appeared very emotional, becomes only the seventh Caf president in the body's 60-year history. The result was greeted by cheers at the Caf congress as Ahmad was carried on the shoulders of jubilant supporters to the podium after the result was announced. In contrast, Hayatou was led from the auditorium by aides but he told reporters as he departed: "It is not that bad." The 57-year-old Ahmad, who goes by a single name, said: "When you try to do something, you mean that you can do it. If I can't do it, I never stand. "This is sweet victory. When you work hard for years and months and you succeed, that is great.''  
  Ahmad of Madagascar ended Issa Hayatou's 29-year reign as African football boss in a surprise outcome at the CAF election in the Ethiopian capital
High court orders repatriation of teenaged rapists: Five teenaged boys who raped an underaged boy at a forest gathering in Uppsala last year are to be repatriated from the country according to a judgment by a Svea higher court. The five are not to return to Sweden in the next ten years. A lower court had earlier sentenced the five to a youth prison but not to repatriation. The lower copurt argued that because of the ages of the five and the security situation in Afghanistan, it will not be appropriate to repatriate them. The state prosecutor appealed the sentences and the higher court over-ruled the decision of the lower court.
We will achieve our forebears' dreams of a better Ghana - Akufo-Addo: President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Monday paid homage to Ghana’s forebears, expressing optimism that their struggle, vision and dreams that gave the nation independence would be achieved.“ I am confident that we can achieve the dreams of our forebears. I am hopeful that we will be worthy inheritors of this land. “Let us mobilise for the happy and prosperous Ghana of tomorrow, in which all of us, including our youth, our women and the vulnerable in our society, will have equal opportunities to realise our potential, and build lives of dignity. Then, our independence will be meaningful.” >>>  
  President Akufo-Addo expressed optimism when he delivered his speech at the Black Star Square in Accra to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Ghana’s independence.
Swedes are paying more in tax than they have to: This week brought a new puzzle with evidence that some Swedes are deliberately overpaying their taxes. Official figures published on February 22nd showed tax revenues poured in far faster than forecast last year. Sweden’s government got a budget surplus of 85bn kronor ($9.5bn) in 2016. Nearly half of that, 40bn Skr, was from overpayment by firms and individuals. This appears to be deliberate. It also causes a headache for civil servants who will have to make repayments and manage the funds. What is going on? Read on...  
  Heja Sverige! There is evidence that firms and individuals in Sweden are deliberately paying more in taxes than they have to
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