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Friday 8th Nov., 2019
Equmeniakyrkan, Hallunda torg 2
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Monday, November 4th
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Partier: Fler ska donera organ: L:s och KD:s partiledningar vill ha ett nytt donationsregister. Alla över 18 år ska skrivas in automatiskt, och vill man inte donera sina organ måste man själv anmäla det. -De länder som har lyckats öka sina organdonationer, det är länder som har sådana här organdonationsregister där du förutsätter att personer vill donera sina organ, säger Ella Bohlin i KD:s partistyrelse till SR:s Ekot. Även C och V har liknande idéer. Cirka 1,7 miljoner svenskar har anmält sig till donationsregistret - SVT Text.

Ousman Manjang passes on in The Gambia: One of the best known African personalities in the intellectual and political scene in the African immigrant community in Stockholm in the 70s and 80s, Ousman Manjang, passed away in the Gambia on Sunday October 6, 2019. He was buried shortly after according to Islamic rites. Manjang was 67 and is survived by a son and two daughters living, respectively, in England and Sweden. We very deeply regret the loss of Ousman Manjang and express hereby our deepest condolences to family, relatives and all. Anthony Turkson, who knew Manjang well, pays a glowing tribute to him. Read it here...
We also reproduce an article he wrote for the Ghana Union newsletter in 1994. Read it here...

  The late Ousmane Manjang was active in the African political movements in Sweden and The Gambia
Twi, Yoruba and Amharic are spreading in Chicago: Twi is spreading in Chicago. WGHC is an FM radio station housed in a gloomy third-floor room above an African hair-braiding shop (“Human Wigs, 100% virgin”). It broadcasts African music and talk in Twi, and other languages, largely to African-born listeners in the city. Its shows play, for example, from speakers mounted in the Makola African Supermarket. The shop’s owner says customers usually speak Twi too, although Nigerians who come for palm oil, okra powder, foufou, yams and beans rely on English. The African born migrant population in the US is doubling every decade. Read the rest of this interesting piece...

Asantemankuo Sweden inaugurated in Stockholm: At long last, we have got our Queen and the Asantemankuo Sweden duly inaugurated after nearly two years of meticulous planning. On Friday, 27th September, Mrs Josephine Antwi, the President of the newly formed Asantemankuo Sweden, was enstooled Queen with the stool name of Nana Afia Achiaa Deiwaa I. Present at the enstoolment ceremony were representatives of Otumfuo, Nana Kwame Asante Bonsu, Fufuomuhene, Nana Nsuobeyebuoden Owusu Boadu Agyenim, Damponanohene, and Nana Achia Sika, Kumasi Ahensan Nkosuohemaa. Nana Okatakyie Anin I, Sanaahene of Ati Akyem New Tafo, and Apaa Essilfie Kojo were in attendance too. Also present were Joe Frans, former Ghanaian born member of the Swedish Parliament, Mrs Priscilla Ankomah, Consular at the Ghana Embassy in Copenhagen, and Mr Anthony Opoku of TC Energy, Tema. The official inauguration of Asantemankuo Sweden and the outdooring of the Queenmother took place the next day, 28th September. Read more and watch YouTube videos of the events...

  The new Queen, known in private life as Josephine Antwi, took the stoolname of Nana Afia Achiaa Deiwaa I
Is life becoming tougher for Africa's kleptocrats?: Light-fingered tyrants are looking back wistfully. In past decades they could stash their illicit wealth in the West. Friendly lawyers, banks and middlemen were on hand to park the loot. Sani Abacha, the military dictator who ran Nigeria in the 1990s, deposited billions of dollars in banks across the rich world, no questions asked. Western governments often seemed equally unfussed. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, a former president of France, attended soirées in chateaux owned by the late Emperor Jean-Bedel Bokassa of Central Africa. Mr Bokassa would slip his guest diamonds to thank him for France’s support. Read the rest...
Suberu - one year ago: October 4th marked a year since the passing away of our long time and beloved President, Suberu Salam. Anthony Turkson remembers him...

We remember Salaam Suberu!

A year ago today, Salaam,
You left us
You left us
A simple message:
"Carry on with the Ghana Union!"

And now,
A year later, today, Salaam,
A year later today
Our simple message to you:
We are
Carrying on with the Ghana Union!

  Long time Ghana Union President, Salam Suberu, passed away on October 4th, 2018

Africans in Sweden demonstrate against mob attacks in South Africa: A group of Africans led by the Nigerian Union in Stockholm gathered on Wednesday September 18th, 2019, in front of the South African Embassy in Stockholm to protest at the widespread attacks on the African community in that country. The two-hour demonstration which started at 2 o'clock p.m. was peaceful and very well-organized. Participants chanted slogans and carried banners and placards condemning the xenophobic attacks in South Africa that have resulted in killings and the seizure and destruction of properties belonging to members of immigrant African communities in South Africa. They demanded immediate and adequate compensation for the victims of the mob violence. Speakers denounced the government and leadership of South Africa and rejected the belated hypocritical apology rendered by President Cyril Ramaphosa. More...

  The demonstrators carried placards denouncing the South African government and leadership
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