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Sub-Saharan Africa Will Most Likely Ride Out the Covid-19 Storm: While the numbers of Covid-19 infections and fatalities will increase, the current data point to the possibility that most sub-Saharan African countries will likely ride out the Covid-19 storm. With the possibility of an African epidemiological cataclysm receding, it is worth noting the several social and medical factors that may have prepared the continent for this moment. Read the article about the future of covid-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa by Duncan Omanga and Bartholomew Ondigo...
  There are factors which indicate that Sub-Saharan Africa may in the end not be as badly hit by covid-19 as feared
Voodoo priests recommend voodoo to stop covid-19: Roughly 12% of Beninese are adherents of Vodun. Many more, Muslims and Christians alike, incorporate elements of the animist, polytheistic religion in their practice. Suppressed under French rule and during the dictatorship of Mathieu Kérékou, Vodun revived after the shift to democracy in the 1990s. In 1996 it was recognised as an official religion. Patrice Talon, the president, has embraced Vodun to bolster his man-of-the-people credentials. Read the rest...  
  Vodun was recognised as an official religion in Benin in 1996
Those denied asylum in Sweden cannot apply again in ten years?: Ingen ny asylansökan på tio år": Den som får avslag på sin asylansökan ska inte kunna söka igen på tio år, i stället för dagens fyra. Det kan den migrationspolitiska kommittén föreslå i asyllagstiftningen, erfar SR:s Ekot. Nästa vecka träffas kommittén, med representanter från alla partier i riksdagen. Inget beslut är fattat, men detta ska vara ett av förslagen. Det finns en majoritet för en hårdare asyllagstiftning. Både S och M har länge velat se hårdare regler. Även KD och L lutar åt det. SD tycker att en asylsökande som fått avslag inte ska få göra ett nytt försök - någonsin. (SVT teletext).
Ghana Union holds first meeting by Zoom: The Ghana Union on Sunday, May 3rd, held a meeting at Torkel Knutsson gatan at Mariatorget in which some people participated by Zoom because of the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus epidemic. It was a lively meeting in which people expressed their ideas about how to revamp the Ghana Union. It was agreed by all that the Ghana Union should be an organistion to which all Ghanaians in Stockholm would belong irrespective of the smaller special purpose organisations they may also belong to. Suggestions were made as to the way forward and the meeting resolved to make this a success. Further meetings are to be organised to this end. The meeting also agreed that the Union would continue its own drive to gather funds for the Covid-19 effort in the motherland. A suggestion was also put forward to find an appropriate slogan for the organisation that will serve as a call around which members will gather.
Asylsökande måste lära sig Sverige: Ett första steg tas nu mot att införa obligatorisk amhällsintroduktion för asylsökande. -Det blir obligatoriskt för alla och går inte att välja bort, säger L:s partiledare Nyamko Sabuni. Regeringen och samarbetspartierna C och L har kommit överens om att ge Migrationsverket i uppdrag att ta fram detaljerna för introduktionen. -De asylsökande kommer att få en utbildning om livet i Sverige, om utbildning, lagar, demokrati, normer och värderingar, säger Sabuni. Migrationsverket får till den 3 augusti på sig att ta fram ett förslag. (SVT teletext)
Covid-19 Fundraiser for Ghana from the Nordic countries: The Ghana Embassy in Denmark is appealing for donations from Ghanaians in the countries of its accreditation in response to the President's appeal for funds from diaspora Ghanaians to help fight the pandemic in the motherland. The Ghana Union in Stockholm is leading the effort in this direction and appealing to all its members, members of other Ghanaian associations and Ghanaians in and around Stockholm to respond to this appeal by sending their donations to a Swish account that will soon be opened for this purpose. Our brothers and sisters in Göteborg, Malmö and other Nordic countries have already embarked on the effort. We shall not be left behind. Watch out for the Swish account. Transparency will be guaranteed. For more details, please call the Ghana Union President on +46 70 496 76 66.
Please, send your donations to:
PlusGiro: 766 424 - 6. Mark the payment Covid-19 Ghana and write your name
Swish: 070 381 97 61. Please mark payment Covid-19 Ghana
It is important to identify yourself and the purpose. This is to enable proper accounting and acknowledgment of all payments.

Covid-19 dries up remittances to Africa: Remittances are falling sharply across Africa. At one payments company, transfers from Britain to East Africa may have fallen by 80%. Another has seen flows from Italy to Africa drop by 90%. Remittances are one of the continent’s main sources of foreign currency. In 2018 officially recorded remittances were worth $46bn in Sub-Saharan Africa, far more than foreign direct investment of $32bn that year. The OECD reckons undeclared remittances could be worth another $16bn-35bn a year. Read more ...

  Remittances are one of Africa's main sources of foreign currency but they are drying up because of the coronavirus
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