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Sat. August 7th
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Ghana Union organises successfull Grillfest: The well advertised GUSS grillfest happened successfully on Saturday, 24th, at Rågsved Idrottspark. The park was full of revellers from other African countries who had also chosen that day to grilla. Ghana Union was there early and occupied one of the choicest places. It was a carnival atmosphere as members mixed with Africans from other countries resident in Stockholm. The crowd was so huge that the police were drawn to the place but they did not have much to do as the attendants behaved well. The Stockholm ban on out-of-doors barbecue was enforced by the police which meant a lot of the meat people brought was not grilled. But GUSS had roasted all its meat before then. Members brought different Ghanaian food items and there was a lot to eat for free by all who were there. The occasion brought together many Stockholm resident Ghanaians who had not seen each other for a very long time as well us a few Ghanaians who had lived here, left, and were in town on a visit. It was also an occasion to meet the many new Ghanaians who had come to the country mostly from Spain and Italy. There was also a huge number of second generation Ghanaians of all ages. At no time in the history of Sweden has there been so many Ghanaians in the capital as at now. A football competition was organised among the African countries present on the occasion. Ten teams participated. Ghana lost the final on penalties. The day ended in the late evening which was still lit up by the summer sun. Strict Covid protocols were promised but, unfortunately, this was not much in evidence.
Pictures from the day later on...

Emmanuel Teye laid to rest: The burial of Emmanuel Teye took place at Österhaninge kyrkogård on the 13th of July, 2021. A sizeable number of Ghanaians braved the Covid restrictions to be present at the service in Österhaninge svenska kyrkan and followed the conveyance of the body to its final resting place. Emmanuel Teye passed away after a short illness earlier in the month at Jordbro. He relocated to Sweden after several years in Italy. Joyce Frimpomaa, who was the deceased’s long-time friend from Italy, full of tears told the story of her friend. A reception was organised at Jordbro lekpark after the burial. Ghana Union in Stockholm was represented at the funeral by the President, Dechor Hien, and four other members. The union made a generous financial contribution to the burial. The late Emmanuel Teye, born in 1982 in Ghana, is survived by a wife and two sons.

  The late Emmanuel Teye lived in Italy before relocating to Sweden
Covid Sverige - two new deaths since Friday, 9th: Ytterlgare två personer har avlidit efter att har insjuknat i covid-19, enlight Fölkhälsomyndighetens tisdagsstatistik. Därmed har totalt 14,645 dödsfall registrerats under pandemin. 669 nya smittsfall har registrerats sedan sedan i fredags. Totalt under pandemin har 1 093 209 smittofall registrerats. 22 personer får intensivvård mot covid-19, enligt Svenska intensivvårdregistret. Det är en minskning med fem patienter sedan i fredags. SVT online, tisdags 13:e juli.
The latest figures from Ghana put total deaths at 802 and active cases at 2,314. There have been 97,728 confirmed cases in the country.

Löfven's government falls over housing policy: Housing is a sensitive political issue everywhere, but in Sweden it is especially touchy. Over two-thirds of the country’s municipalities say they have housing shortages. The price of a villa in Stockholm has risen 19% in the past year. All the country’s rental units, whether public or private, are subject to rent control, making everyone’s rent a matter of government policy. So it is not surprising that when Stefan Löfven became the first Swedish prime minister to lose a no-confidence vote this week, it was over housing policy. Read The Economist's report on the Swedish crisis...

  Stefan Löfven, the first Swedish Prime Minister to lose a no confidence vote, has until June 28th to cobble together a new government
Lebanese move to West Africa, escaping the crisis at home: Over a century of conflict, crisis and famine have scattered Lebanese all over the world. But these days Lebanese find it much easier to obtain visas from West African destinations than from America or European countries. Jobs are easier to get hold of, too. Someone always knows someone who has an opening, says Karim Maky, a Senegalese of Lebanese descent. Skilled workers are paid well. And most West African countries already have Lebanese churches, mosques and schools. Read the rest...  
  There has always been a large community of Lebanese in Ghana. Now, more and more are seeking refuge there

Nigeria’s Twitter ban prompts ridicule—and fear: Snuffing out free expression used to be pleasingly simple for autocrats. Back in 1984, when President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria first ran the country, as a military dictator, he simply arrested journalists and then decreed retroactively that any person who had published something that brought the government “ridicule or disrepute” was “guilty of an offence”. On June 4th the self-described “converted democrat” was at it again, suspending the local operations of Twitter, an American social-media service. Read the rest from The Economist...

  President Buhari reveals a thin skin and an authoritarian streak
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