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June 29th
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Monday, April 16th
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We remember the day Winnie Mandela visited Ghana Union in Stockholm: Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990. Arm in arm with Winnie, he walked out a free man. He and his wife undertook a tour of some world capitals to thank those countries which helped the blacks in the long fight against the apartheid regime. Mandela spoke to a large crowd of people at the then newly opened Globe Arena in Stockholm in March 1990. Miriam Makeba peformed that night. The Ghana Union in Stockholm invited Winnie Mandela to a meeting where she addressed a large crowd of Africans in Stockholm. See more pictures from the day...  
  Diana Abloh and Grace Mahama pose with the late Winnie Mandela who visited Ghana Union in Stockholm in 1990

Ethiopia chooses Africa's youngest leader: In a secret ballot, the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) chose Abiy Ahmed as the new chariman of the coalition and, by extension, the country's prime minister. The result was historic. Abiy Ahmed won the backing of 108 party bigwigs, while 59 went for Shiferaw Shigute, his closest rival. On April 2nd Mr Abiy was sworn in as prime minister, making the 42-year-old Africa’s youngest leader. He will also be the first in modern Ethiopian history to identify as Oromo - from the largest, and lately the most rebellious, of the country’s ethnic groups. The new prime minister faces two daunting challenges. The first is to reunite the EPRDF, which has suffered from infighting ever since Meles Zenawi, its first leader, died in 2012. Mr Abiy’s second task is to enact the reforms he has long promised. In his inaugural speech he apologised for the government’s killing of protesters. And he promised to make peace with Eritrea, Ethiopia’s long-standing enemy.

  At 42. Abiy Ahmed is Africa's youngest leader
Some communes in Sweden want begging to be forbidden: One out of every four kommun in Sweden want begging to be forbidden in the country. It is mostly the communes governed by the opposition coalition (alliansen) that will want the practice to be outlawed. "We shall not have beggars in Sweden. It should not be the case that Romania and Bulgaria can export their poor persons to Sweden," says Göran Dahlström, a Social democrat who is a member of the ruling council in Katrineholm's commune. But a majority of the members of the council are against any suggestion of banning begging in Sweden. It is estimated that there are about 4,500 beggars from other EU countries plying their trade in Sweden. The question of banning begging in Sweden has divided Swedes even within the individual parties and is a question that the parties are finding difficult to decide before the general elections this autumn. Read SVT's comment on this vexing issue...
Nigeria welcomes its repatriated citizens: Nigeria’s repatriation scheme did not start until late last year. In November video emerged showing Nigerian and other African migrants being sold for the equivalent of $400 each in what appeared to be Libyan slave markets. The chilling footage spelled out some of the risks of the crossing far better than any government-run campaign could. About 3,000 Nigerians have been brought home and another 15,000 are expected by June, says Solomon Okoduwa, an adviser to Godwin Obaseki, the governor of Edo state, of which Benin City is the capital...  
  The Nigerians give each returnee 100,000 naira ($278) to tide them over for the first three months, and train them on how to start their own businesses.

Länderna som blir rikare och fattigare år 2018: Ghana blomstrar just nu med en kraftig tillväxt inom tjänstesektorn, för att inte tala om gruv- och oljebranschen, och den reala BNP-tillväxten beräknas ligga på 8,9% i år. Other African countries mentioned include Rwanda 6.8%, Burkina Faso 6.8%, Tanzania 6.9%, Senegal 7.0%, Djibouti 7.0%, Cõte d'Ivoire 7.3%, Ethiopia 8.5%, Libya 31.2%, Zimbabwe 0.8%, Algeria 0.8%, Swaziland -0.9%, South Sudan -3.4%, Equitorial Guinea -7.8%, and Burundi 0.1%.

  The International Monetary Fund reckons Ghana will be one of the fastest growing countries in the world in 2018
Lots of prostitution in Västsverige involving Nigerian girls: Many of the girls who are working as prostitutes in Västsverige are from countries outside the EU. The police last year sent away 70 women who sold sex in Västra Götaland and Halland. "There are lots of women for sale during the night in this region. I can say with certaintly that between 50 and 90 girls are out there on sale," says Mikael Holmgren of the border police, Region West. The women often come from Nigeria and Eastern Europe. The police have also recorded an increase in the number of prostitures from Latin America in the past few years.
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